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A webinar serie on digital health and wellbeing

Smart Life Finland program presents Future Watch


Healthcare as an industry is transforming. The concept of wellbeing is increasing in importance. Living environments are evolving, including smart homes, assisted living and robotics. Technologies and innovations are having major impacts to individual’s life. Individuals are taking more control and recognizing also their responsibility.

Business Finland and Future Watch commissioned a study on the landscape of developments that will impact the delivery of Health & Wellbeing, to better understand the anticipated transformations, impacts and opportunities to support its strategy for ensuring Finland is well positioned to take advantage of such trends and to help drive better decision making for all stakeholders in Finland. Results of the study are published and discussed with stakeholders and companies in Business Finland’s Smart Life Finland program webinars. Please find below the relevant links to follow up.

The webinars

Future Watch: Transformations shaping future care paradigms in the healthcare industry
May 28, 1–2 pm
Thank you for joining!  See the presentation (pdf)

Future Watch: Digital healthcare ecosystem supporting health and wellness
June 18, 1–2 pm
Thank you for joining! See the presentation (pdf) 

Future Watch: Market participants and innovation hotspots
August 20, 1–2 pm See the presentation (pdf)

Future Watch: Opportunities for new market participants in the future care paradigms
September 17, 1–2 pm See the presentation (pdf)

Smart Life Finland program

The Smart Life Finland program helps Finnish healthcare technology companies to succeed in several ways; it helps companies to build networks and business ecosystems, it supports companies in their internationalization and export efforts, and it works with the companies to help them apply for innovation funding for their projects. All these activities are targeted to support Finnish healthtech businesses leverage the ongoing global digital transformation of the health and wellbeing sector in an optimal way. 

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Kari Klossner

Program Manager
Smart Life Finland 
+358 40 071 7298