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Resilience needs to be designed, planned and built

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed many manufacturing companies to the edge of survival. Crises like this will probably occur more often in the future. Finnish companies must do now the changes that will improve competitiveness and increase resilience in order to succeed in the coming years.

Finland is one of the three most resilient societies globally. But there is a big difference in the prepardness of big multi-national companies and Finnish SMEs according to a study conducted by Business Finland in 2020.

Sustainable manufacturing is resilient

Resilient organisations and networks are those that have the ability, organizational stability as well as agility and a culture that facilitates rapidly recognizing, reacting and counteracting the changes brought by systemic trigger events. A resilient company can even turn challenges into opportunities.

Resilience is also an important part of sustainability, and resilient companies ensure sustainability also in diffcult times. But resilience is seldom an inhrent property. That is why resilience needs to be systematically designed planned and built – it needs to be part of companies day-to-day activities.

Three steps to build antifragility and resilience:
  1. Build different scenarios, and prepare plans accordingly
  2. Build flexible customer base, manufacturing strategy, supply chain, company culture, and service offering
  3. Build trust with your key customers, partners, financers, and employees well in advance before any crisis

Your way towards more resilient business starts here

This guide gives an outlook on risks in the Finnish manufacturing industry and also gives advise for building resilience and how to mitigate the known risks.

Download the guide in English

Download the guide in Finnish


The Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program focuses on renewing business models and increasing productivity, while actively seeking solutions to the challenges of climate change. In the long term, the program aims help to create a more positive atmosphere and favorable conditions for the growth of production activities in Finland.

Learn more about the program and different activities.

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