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Arctic Maritime and Offshore

Program has ended on December 31st 2018. This program activates Finnish companies to internationalize and helps them to get involved in major shipbuilding and oil and gas projects in international markets. The program is designed for Finnish companies operating in shipbuilding, offshore, and in maritime technologies and construction. The program is implemented in cooperation with Team Finland players.

About the program

The program aims to significantly accelerate the growth of the Finnish maritime business and enables a joint offering by building a network of Finnish companies. The joint Finnish offering boosts the effectiveness of the internationalization activities of your company and increases your visibility. The program also increases the visibility of Finnish maritime know-how and the flow of investments directed to Finland.



Internationalization know-how

  • Get advice on internationalization and a company-specific Team Finland service plan.

Networking and cooperation among companies

  • Approach markets in larger company groups.
  • We take groups to shipyards and introduce them to ship owners and maritime industry players in the target markets.

Information about markets and opportunities

  • We identify the most important customers for you.
  • We match the shipyards and ship types to the Finnish offering in the target countries.
  • Get insights on shipowner buying practices and how to enhance your company's business potential.
  • Utilize our networks of maritime industry experts in the target countries.

Marketing and visibility

  • Join us in international shipbuilding and offshore fairs.
  • Get event visibility, PR and marketing communications boost.
  • Take part in buyer, business delegation visits, and promotion visits.


Target markets

Germany, Norway, France, Russia, China, USA, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico.


Arctic Maritime and Offshore program has ended on December 31st 2018.


Contact us

Program Director

Ulla Lainio

+358 (0)40 343 3357
ulla.lainio (at)

Program Manager

Marjukka Holopainen-Rainio

+358 (0)50 571 0038
marjukka.holopainen-rainio (at)