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The future is in e-commerce

eCom Growth program accelerates the internationalization and growth of Finnish online trade SMEs and develops the digital trade ecosystem in Finland. The program is aimed at companies that trade online and who have a strong desire and ability to internationalize.

About program


eCom Growth guides Finnish online trade SMEs towards fast and cost-effective internationalization. The program has three targets:

  1. To boost the turnover and exports of the participating companies; to grow the number of companies selling cross-border
  2. To increase the number of jobs created in the sector
  3. To develop internationalization and e-commerce know-how

In addition, eCom Growth wants to create an enthusiastic e-commerce community, an environment for open coordinated discussion and, above all, to help Finnish companies to grow internationally.


eCom Growth offers various services for companies:

1. Growing international e-commerce know-how

  • eCom Growth Clubs; sharing experiences and information among online retailers
  • Thematic coaching; different topics according to your company's needs (e.g. sales, marketing, payment methods, logistics, analytics)
  • Developing a path for your internationalization
  • Developing your company’s value proposition
  • Making market and segment choices
  • Company management coaching, e-commerce strategies and management

2. Market opportunities and market entry

  • Identifying market opportunities for you
  • Market research and preparations for your market entry
  • Localization requirements for different markets
  • Sparring to produce appropriate marketing communications for the target market
  • Market-specific coaching (boot camps in Finland)

3. Measures and meetings in the target markets

  • Identifying and meeting potential customers and partners in negotiations
  • Seminars and conferences abroad, such as the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago
  • Joint participation in trade fairs
  • Boot camps in the target markets
  • Meetings with potential buyers (marketplaces, e-tailers, resellers, importers) and service providers (including logistics, storage, marketing)
  • Joint sales resources in the target market

4. Developing the e-commerce ecosystem

  • Cross-innovations such as innovation cooperation with different parties, including mobile development, payment solutions, gamification, media, databiz know-how, etc.
  • Investments in Finland
  • Globally recognized Finnish eCom event
  • Improving the prerequisites for e-commerce, highlighting the retail barriers (together with stakeholders like Finnish Commerce Federation, eCommerce Finland (Verkkoteollisuus ry) and promoting education in the sector
  • eCommerce Day
  • Cooperation with other Team Finland growth programs

See all eCom Growth events here.


  • USA
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Germany


Unfortunately the program is currently full. But if you have the desire to join the program, please send an open application.

Send application here.

The program is primarily meant for SMEs. However, if you are a small company or at an early stage of internationalization and have a clear view on how and to whom you want to sell your products and services, you can apply for the program.


Contact us

Program Manager

Simo Heiskanen

+358 (0)40 7190 588
simo.heiskanen (at)