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The Smart Energy program helps Finland to pave the way in smart energy solutions and international export of expertise.
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Even smarter energy

The Smart Energy Finland Program brings together the services for technical development and exports. A hundred million euros will be granted to smart energy solution innovations by the Program in 2017–2021. The program will also grant support for the international expansion of growth-oriented companies that possess growth potential and feature renewable energy and smart energy solutions in their product portfolio.

About program

The energy sector faces major changes in the coming years

The energy sector is undergoing major changes. Analytics predict that the global smart energy will grow by 15 % (CAGR) during 2016–2020. The annual global energy investments will total approximately 2 trillion dollars with a major focus on giving up fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy production. This means an increased need of grid flexibility and energy storage. The energy market will experience further changes with the electrification of traffic.

The energy sector will offer completely new business opportunities in particular for companies in the software and digital industries in the fields of data processing, data security and more. Energy consumption will be managed more efficiently with the help of learning and smart systems.

Finland possesses significant expertise in the fields of renewable energy technology, smart networks, power electronics and automation. The energy sector contributes to a major share of the Finnish exports and it is predicted to keep growing.


Focus areas of the program

The focus areas of the program include:

  • The value chain of sustainable energy (bioenergy, W2E, W2V, biofuels), with emphasis on building export ecosystems in the target markets.
  • The Batteries from Finland campaign that will contribute to creating a business ecosystem worth millions of euros in Finland. We will make Finland a business platform that will attract international companies in the battery sector and take the position of a leading technology and service provider in the global market.
  • We will develop and create test platforms in smart networks (Smart Otaniemi, Åland Islands, Vaasa etc.) in Finland, and seek to build similar concepts in one or two target countries. This will be carried out with the help of global partnerships and creating solution and service concepts in the respective markets.
  • In the district heating and district cooling sector, the focus of ecosystem building will be in China.
  • In smart buildings, the focus areas will include IoT, AI digitalization and BIM.
  • As a general rule, our efforts will be on taking full advantage of digitalization.

The program's objectives

  • To support the international growth of companies
  • To contribute to the creation of a solid foundation for expertise with the development of smart energy ecosystems and test platforms
  • To challenge the energy sector into utilizing digitalization, IoT, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Energy
  • To introduce new business concepts in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage systems, smart networks and integration of steering as well as consumer-oriented business.
  • To contribute to the creation and development of new start-up companies
  • To attract international investment in Finland
  • To build an internationally competitive business ecosystem in Finland in the battery sector and to help Finland to become a leading country in the battery recycling expertise. Read more about the Batteries from Finland 2020 Program

The program offers

  • Funding for both ecosystem projects and the development of smart solutions for individual companies. An application cycle is constantly open for applying Business Finland funding for companies and research organizations. Learn more about our funding services here. Please contact us before you apply for funding. Go to the Test your idea service
  • Building networks with international and academic communities.
  • Opportunities for participation in the development of ecosystems and test platforms for business activities in Finland and the target markets.
  • Internationalization services for export purposes, including
    • Customized B2B, buyer and influencer meetings.
    • Help with leads and recognition of market prospects globally
    • Training and support for the development of qualities needed for export activities
    • Market analyses
  • Visibility for your companies

Test platforms and ecosystems as growth engines of innovation

Cooperation and testing opportunities are needed when you seek to develop solutions enabling smart energy systems. We do not seek to develop a single technology, but integrate technologies into smart energy systems. This is why test platforms and ecosystems hold a key role in the Smart Energy Finland Program. 

The test platforms and ecosystems are used to accelerate the innovations by Finnish companies and exports in the growing international markets and to attract investment in Finland. The ecosystems create opportunities for SMEs to enter the energy market that requires large investments with the help of partnerships and similar arrangements. 

The goal is to develop several internationally appealing test platforms in Finland, which will also attract investment in Finland. The following test platforms have already been initiated as a part of the program:

New test platforms will be launched during the program when necessary.

How to join?

Growth-oriented companies with potential for growth and internationalization are invited to join the program. The services of the program will be available for companies in the energy sector and those engaged in the development of smart solutions.

If your company is interested in services of the Smart Energy program, please contact Head of the program Helena Sarén.

Companies can apply funding constantly. Funding applications can be submitted to the Online Service of Business Finland. Indicate the text "SmartEnergy" in the field for comments in the application. We recommend that you contact the experts at Business Finland before submitting your application.

Online services

Batteries from Finland 2018-2020

Business Finland is a two-year activation project of Finnish battery sector, and a part of the Smart Energy Finland Program. See Batteries from Finland.

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Batteries from Finland
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