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Take part in international trade fair abroad

Exhibition Explorer funding is suitable for SMEs and midcap enterprises participating in international B2B trade fairs abroad.

Exhibition Explorer funding

The government decree (91/2024) regulating the Exhibition Explorer financial service has been renewed and entered into force on March 1, 2024, when decision-making on applications has also been started.

We process applications in the time order of the fair events, when 4 applications for the same fair event have arrived.

The same company can continue to receive funding several times a year, so this has not changed. The most significant change is that a maximum of EUR 15,000 (previously EUR 35,000) per trade fair project can be granted. Read more about the changes in the news.

The Exhibition Explorer funding is aid for participation in international B2B trade fairs held outside Finland. The financing is intended for SMEs and midcap companies that want to increase the export of their own products or services. A company can have a presence at the trade fair at a joint stand or its own, separate stand.

  • SME: less than 250 employees, maximum net sales of EUR 50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than EUR 43 million.
  • Midcap enterprise: group-level net sales less than EUR 300 million.

The prerequisite for funding is for at least four Finnish SMEs or midcap enterprises to apply for Explorer Exhibition funding for the same trade fair, unless the nature of the project dictates otherwise. In the case of fine art galleries, projects in which one company participates in the fair are eligible for funding.

The group of enterprises must include a minimum of four mutually independent enterprises. The group of enterprises can include enterprises belonging to the same group of companies, as long as the aforementioned condition is fulfilled.

What is required of your company?

  • The company is an SME or midcap company registered in Finland with a genuine desire to grow and internationalize.
  • The company participates physically or virtually in its own or joint booth at an international B2B trade fair abroad.
  • Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s Rating Alfa for the company is at least A, and the company meets the other general requirements for financing.

The grant is maximum of 50% of the eligible costs. The maximum amount of funding that can be granted to an individual enterprise is EUR 15,000 per trade fair, while the minimum funding granted is EUR 1,000 per enterprise. The funding is paid in arrears.

International trade fair events

See instructions for applying for funding

How does Business Finland funding work?

Before you apply

Plan a project and define its goals. Ensure the sufficiency of self-financing.

Apply for funding

Submit your application through online services. Submit the additional information requested.

Approve the funding decision

Business Finland will assess your application and notify you of its decision. Read the decision and its terms and conditions, and approve the decision in online services.

Use the funding

Arrange project accounting. Notify Business Finland of any changes.

Report your project

Report your project's implementation and costs. Attach the additional information requested with your report.