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Business Finland office in Brazil offers advisory services and support for finding local networks and consultants.

Our services are designed for companies that are aiming for bold business growth and renewal on international markets.

How to get started

  • If your company is exploring multiple potential export markets or if you have not used Business Finland's services before, please leave a contact request through our become a customer page.
  • If your company already has a contact person at Business Finland, please speak with that person first.
  • The contact information for our personnel is given on the lower part of the web page.

Office contact information

Business Finland Brazil, Finland Trade Center
Av. Alfredo Ignácio Nogueira Penido, no 305 - Sala 302, Aquarius Business Center - Jardim Aquarius CEP: 12246-000 Sao José dos Campos

tel. +55 12 3942 1133
fax +55 12 3942 4442

Contact person

Region Americas

Matti Landin

Trade Commissioner
San Jose (Sao Paolo), Brazil
Region Americas

Joao Bordon

San Jose, Sao Paolo, Brazil