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Blog 01.03.2020

Finding Light in the Dark and Opportunities in a Crisis

In times of a crisis, risks and opportunities invariably coexist, and chance favors the confident and prepared minds. The coronavirus has limited people’s living space and options for forms of entertainment, thus staying indoors has created different demands.
Grace Wang

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Chinese girl online learningThe coronavirus has created a new era where everything is available online. The government is encouraging businesses to move forward online as much as possible. Negotiations are done online and contracts are signed online. There is unanimous optimism regarding online medical consultation, online education, online entertainment and online telecommuting.

Several internet giants have begun to cooperate with educational organizations to offer online classes.

During the coronavirus epidemic, all the schools across the country delayed their opening. Under the general direction of "no suspension of classes", the Ministry of Education organized students to receive large-scale online courses at home. This has expanded the scale of online education users and promoted the popularization of online education. It is a great opportunity for online education enterprises to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and improve their profitability. Especially in the field of K12 online.

Besides traditional online education platforms, several internet giants like Alibaba and Tencent have begun to cooperate with educational organizations to offer online classes. Companies also arranged their employees to join online training workshops while working from home. In the Jiangsu Province, a total of 320,000 employees of different companies participated in training workshops from home. Restricted by too many users' online learning in a short period of time, the network can't afford it, and there are a lot of problems such as live broadcast jam, link crash and so on.

The epidemic can be said to have made many people experience "internet medical consultation". According to the data of Ali Health, as of January 30th, the number of online free clinic users has exceeded 2.8 million, and the number of doctors has exceeded 1,000. After the epidemic, the practice of staying home to see a doctor is bound to be more promoted and popular in China.

Tiktok, a short video platform grew by more than 40 million users during the Spring Festival. The short video platform has not only become a platform for many people to relax at home, but also an important platform for people to understand the epidemic and gain knowledge to aid in their protection. Meanwhile, these platforms have created entertainment, such as online gyms and online chess rooms, to attract more customers.

The Most Needed Thing – Masks

Lifa Air production lineSince the outbreak of the coronavirus, masks are absolutely the most wanted and needed thing for everyone.

Due to severe lack of production capacity, the Chinese have been searching for masks from all over the world.

Established in 2015, Lifa Air's main products are indoor air purifiers. The company began to produce masks in 2017. "Our original plan was to begin Spring Festival holidays on January 21st. Due to the emergency, we recalled our employees on the 22nd. On the 28th, we basically restored production capacity. Now we have three work shifts and 24-hour non-stop production." said Mr. Zhang Wendong, General Manager of Lifa Air.

We have delivered more than 1.2 million masks to our customers.

"We have sufficient production materials, which we prepared before Spring Festival and our suppliers can provide more. The biggest challenge for us has been logistics. Almost all logistics were stopped during the spring festival. We had to use SF air services to guarantee timely delivery to our customers. SF air also opened a green channel for all to send emergency materials to Wuhan. Around February 20th, land logistics in China returned to normal."

Mr. Zhang continued, "Our masks are produced by fully automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic machines. We have enough workers and enough raw materials but not more machines. Due to the logistics challenge, if we order one more machine now, it will not arrive until March." At present, we have delivered more than 1.2 million masks to our customers.

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  • A Chinese girl is having online classes with her teachers, which is a daily routine for all Chinese K12 students nowadays.
  • Busy production line at Lifa-Air factory in Dongguan.