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Apply for funding and report the project in online service. 

Maintenance breaks in online services 8.2. at 8-8.20 pm and 23.2. at 6-12 pm. 



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The user base of the new reporting service is expanding. From Thursday, January 19, 2023, in addition to our r&d and de minimis customers, the companies that have received innovation aid for shipbuilding or funding for a Co-Innovation project will report their projects using the new service. 


As a change from the previous reporting service, only one event is now opened for each reporting period, and both the project content and costs are detailed in the same report. This avoids situations where the second part of the reporting is overlooked and not submitted.

The questions in the content report now focus more than before on changes in the organization and key events in the project’s progress, such as the realization of the agreed goals. The instructions for cost reporting have been specified and the report guides you to submit the necessary appendices and clarifications on the pages where the matter is dealt with.

If the company has an ongoing project and the preparation of the report and cost statement has been started before the reform, you can either complete the report and cost statement and send it to Business Finland, or you can delete the unsent report and cost statement and start from scratch with the new service. Companies that do not have an unfinished report or cost statement will start preparing the report directly with the new service.

Always submit all attachments, including the salary specification, through the service. To ensure the preservation of salary secrecy, the salary specification cannot be downloaded to be read in the online service.

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We advise you in matters related to the use of the online service on business days from 9 am to 12 am and 1 pm to 3 pm: +358 29 469 5800.

You can also send us your question by using the form below.

If you have questions about the application, reporting or contents of the cost statement, please contact your project's contact person directly.

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