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Call 17.1.-28.2.2022

Innovation and Growth Research 2022

How to apply

Please send your pitching proposals by 23:59 on February 28, 2022.


Submit your proposals

Further information

Jari Hyvärinen
Head of Impact Assessment
+358 50 5577 803
jari.hyvarinen (at)

Call has ended!

Questions asked in the 2022 Innovation and Growth Survey include:

  • How could Finland strengthen the attractiveness of its economy compared to its competitors in areas such as direct foreign investment, tourism, and the immigration of highly skilled specialists?
  • How could public interventions improve the attractiveness of the Finnish economy?
  • How can the growth of the Finnish economy be improved through sustainability, immigration, and skilled labor?
  • How can the internationalization of companies and commerce as well as the generation of new ideas and innovations be increased?
  • What other factors should be considered determining factors for economic growth?
  • How can systemic change in society be achieved through mission-driven innovation policy, for example?

We are looking for research topics proposals for the development of innovation policy and innovation environment. Business Finland will select the best ideas from among those submitted and encourage their presenters to proceed to the funding application phase. The funding call has three themes, and the aim is to fund at least one project based on each theme. The research groups are expected to work closely with the parties that take advantage of their results.

The research idea project must

  • comply with the themes and objectives (pdf) of the funding call
  • have a multidisciplinary vision
  • engage in genuine and close international cooperation with top researchers (describe the methods of cooperation)
  • build various types of interactive forums (and describe how they can be used), which enable addressing the theme in cooperation with companies, researchers, and innovation policy developers. The interaction is described in the "Utilization Roadmap". You should also reserve personnel resources for implementing the interaction.

How does the funding call proceed?

  • In the application process, you must give a brief presentation (an elevator pitch) of the project to Business Finland's specialists before submitting the application.
  • A maximum of 12 research ideas will be selected for pitching, out of which a maximum of 5 research groups will be asked to submit an application.
  • The pitching round will take place during weeks 12–13 (March 21 to March 31, 2022).
  • Up to 4 projects will be funded in the call.

Research funding volume and who can apply

  • Business Finland prepares to finance up to EUR 2 million in 2022
  • Business Finland's level of funding is 95% for research organizations
  • See the definition of research organization, page 24, paragraph 83.
  • Corporate financing not necessary
  • The maximum recommended project duration is two years.

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