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Call 21.12.2023-27.3.2024

One Health research call for universities and research institutes for 2024

The aim of the One Health research call is to create new expertise and a basis for developing new solutions for maintaining health, predicting and preventing diseases, promoting digitalization in healthcare processes, and effective and personalized care.

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A more diverse and intelligent use of health data, the utilization of digitalization and new technologies, and a shift in the focus of healthcare to foresight and prevention are seen as key roles in seeking solutions to improve the carrying capacity of health care sector.

The research call seeks interdisciplinary projects that create new knowledge for the development of new, cost-effective and effective solutions. Various experts are also invited to participate in the projects, such as clinicians or other health care personnel. In addition, research projects must have at least three (3) companies funding the project that aim for internationalization with their solutions.

Projects and their funding criteria

Co-Research projects may be funded in the funding call. The Co-Research projects must be planned in close cooperation with companies, and their steering groups must involve representatives from several companies that could utilize the results. The companies must also contribute to the financing of the public research in total by at least ten (10) percent of the overall public research budget. Otherwise, the funding is subject to Business Finland’s normal Co-Research funding criteria. In addition, the projects must involve international cooperation.

Evaluation of applications:

  • Project compatibility with a focus area of the call
  • Credibility and feasibility of the applicant(s) and the draft plan
  • Potential business benefits of the research results for Finnish companies in the long run
  • Engagement and interest/commitment of enterprises

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