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Hybrid 9.00-10.50 EET

Building Bridges between Retail and Retail-Tech in Sweden

Wednesday 30th November, 9.00-10.50 Finnish time

Webinar/ Hybrid event: participation digitally via the link, live-streamed from Stockholm. The event language is English.

Link to join the event will be sent to registrated participants day before.

If you want to join the event physically in Stockholm, Business Finland will contact you separately with the details. 

Registration to the event is open until Monday, 28th at 16:00PM


More information


Vilma Rissanen
Senior Advisor
Business Finland
+46 730 28 14 31
vilma.rissanen (at)


Event and registration practicalities
Paula Paassilta-Weman
Business Finland
paula.paassilta-weman (at)


Business Finland and the Experience Commerce program has teamed up with Epicenter Store, the first physical retail cluster in Northern Europe, to build bridges between Sweden and Finland.

We would like to invite you to get a glimpse of the current Swedish retail and retail-tech landscape and Epicenter Store in Stockholm. What trends and technologies are we seeing, what solutions are big retailers looking to implement, and how does the organizational structure look when they innovate? 

Welcome to the very first Retail Talks organized especially for retail-tech companies in Finland. The event will take place on November 30th between 9am-10.50am (Finnish time). The event is live streamed from Epicenter Store in Stockholm, but an interactive participation can take place digitally from anywhere. 

Interested in participating physically in Stockholm?

You are more than welcome! In connection with Retail Talks, the biggest event of the year is happening at Epicenter Stockholm during the 30th of November – 1st of December, Sime. We have been able to get 10 free tickets for those Finnish retail-tech providers who would like to come to Stockholm. This is an opportunity to connect directly with decision makers from the biggest retailers in Sweden, whilst getting a two-day experience filled with inspirational speakers and experiences that impact the way we think, work and evolve as a business (and as human beings). Tickets to Sime are available on first come first served basis. For more information about, please contact Vilma Rissanen.

Retail Talks/ Building Bridges with Retail Tech

– The Swedish Retail Landscape – How Trends & Technology are leading the development

Edgar Luczak, Head of Advisory, Epicenter
Linda Pimmeshofer, Industry Advisor Retail, Microsoft
Linda Wakeham, Lead PR, Strategy & Relations, Kronans Apotek
Nic Staeger, COO, Nordiska Galleriet Group
Fredrik Hammargården, Founder, Indivd


09.00 Intro Presentation: What is Epicenter & Epicenter Store (The Retail Cluster Strategy) and why initiative – Edgar Luzcak & Vilma Rissanen
09.10 Keynote Presentation: Environmental Analysis: Trends & Technology - Globally and The Swedish Retail Market – Linda Pimmeshofer, Industry Advisor Retail, Microsoft
09.20 Success Story & Insights from a Retail Tech Start Up in Sweden: How Indivd became one of Sweden's best start ups in Retail Tech – Fredrik Hammargården, Founder, Indivd
09.35 Innovation with Kronans Apotek: The big company that dared to evolve with partnerships & collaborations – Linda Wakeham, Lead PR, Strategy & Relations, Kronans Apotek
09.50 Firechat: How do big retailers work with innovation and the development of new technology? – Nic Staeger, Chief Digital Officer, Nordiska Galleriet
10.05 Q&A & Summary
10.20 Round Up – Edgar Luzcak & Linda Pimmeshofer
10.30 After Talk: Q&A continues with Linda Pimmeshofer – Linda Pimmeshofer

More information about the speakers

Edgar Luczak, Partner & Head of Advisory, Epicenter
Edgar Luczak is a multi-talent who seems to keep up with trends and current markets across industries, and encourages with his points of views. At Epicenter, in cooperation with corporates, he builds corporate ventures and co-creations with hybrid teams of intrapreneurs utilizing our network of founders and corporates. Their sweet spot is to work in the intersection of existing core and new business, within digital.

As a coach and sounding board to founders, intrapreneurs and executives he is a true bliss to have as a moderator with his interesting questions, reflections and guidance. With the approach “do things either in a sprint or in an accelerator way” his focus lies in resolving real business challenges and delivering tangible results.

Linda Pimmeshofer, Industry Advisor Retail, Microsoft
An inspiring expert passionate about sustainability, the future customer experience and the intersection between retail and tech. As an industry advisor at Microsoft she works with the biggest Retailers and Consumer Goods companies within Western Europe, helping them to understand the possibilities of digitalization and how to do more with less and waste nothing. Linda Pimmeshofer always gives insights and learnings, and there is probably no question that doesn't have an interesting answer to.

Linda Wakeham, Lead Strategy PR & Relations, Kronans Apotek
Linda Wakeham is a creative and operative doer with a strategic and commercial mindset. She has broad knowledge in both digital and traditional communication / marketing and PR. Strong experience from entrepreneurial and demanding start-up projects with international focus. Linda Wakeham is a true powerwoman that makes things happen, and it's brilliant every time.

Nic Staeger, COO, Nordiska Galleriet Group
Nic Staeger is an engineer with big experience in logistics, digital product development and e-commerce. Building up successful e-commerce for big retailers like ICA, Apotek Hjärtat, Cervera and Nordiska Galleriet Group, he knows what he’s doing. He was last seen at Cervera where he increased sales from 90 millions to over a half billion in 18 months. His book “En djävel på e-handel” launches the day before the event. We are happy to have him join us the morning after his celebration.

Fredrik Hammargården, Founder & Chief Product Owner, Indivd
Indivd is a tech startup that started up in 2017 as a humanitarian, self-financed science project to help retailers increase their digital maturity and become more sustainable. After developing and patented a reliable, safe and effective visit counter they are now on the toplist of Sweden’s best tech startups and works with leading retailers across the globe. Founder Fredrik Hammargården will join us to talk about the insights, learnings and mistakes that lead them to where they are today.

Save the date: retail-tech matchmaking in Stockholm on December 13!

Want to meet with and pitch your solutions to Swedish retailers? As a follow-up, we will arrange a business matchmaking in Stockholm for Finnish retail-tech providers and Swedish retailers. Finnish retail-tech providers joining the matchmaking get a chance to pitch their solutions for decision makers from Swedish retail companies and network and create connections with them. The matchmaking will be arranged if minimum five Finnish retail-tech companies want to join the event.

Please note that the event participation is free-of-charge. Business Finland will not cover travel costs, or any other costs for participating companies related to the event(s).

More information about the retail-tech opportunity in Sweden: Sweden, digital innovation and technologies forming the future of retail