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Online 27.10.2022

Call for joining the decarbonizing industry offering material

Teams webinar


Time: 13.00–13.45 EEST


Further Information

Marika Ollaranta
Head of Decarbonizing Industries, RRF
marika.ollaranta (at)

Welcome to hear about the Decarbonizing Industry Solutions from Finland -offering! In this brief webinar you will hear about what is the purpose of the offering, how it is conducted and what benefits you will get from participating to the offering and submitting your material. You will also hear about the upcoming export activities for 2022. 

The webinar is targeted for Finnish companies that have solutions to decarbonize industries and want to showcase their solution to the key market stakeholders globally and may have questions about the offering process.

The purpose of this webinar is to present the background and purpose of the offering, what the offering is used for, how to participate and give a possibility to ask questions.

The webinar is led by Marika Ollaranta. 


13.00-13.05 Opening 
13.05-13.20 Decarbonizing Industries offering – what is it and why should you participate
13.20-13.35 Upcoming export activities in 2022
13.35-13.45 Q&A