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Vienna, Austria 24.11.2022

Design event in Vienna — Growing online shopping offers opportunities for Finnish design brands in Austria

The event is free of charge and is organised if there are min. 4 companies registered. There is space for max.10 companies.

Register to the event by contacting Ms. Sanna Sipilä-Axnix.


Further information

Ms. Sanna Sipilä-Axnix
Senior Advisor, Business Finland Austria
sanna.sipila-axnix (at)
+43 664 9693 213

Business Finland together with the Embassy of Finland in Vienna invites you to join the Design event – Growing online shopping offers opportunities for Finnish design brands in Vienna, Austria on 24 November at 16:00–20:00 local time at the residence of Ambassador.

Consumers' changing shopping behavior due to COVID-19 are driving long-term changes for online retail also in Austria.

The Austrian are very used to order from foreign online shops and the share increases constantly. The outflow rate to foreign online shops has risen moderately compared to the previous year from 54% to 55%.

The event is targeted for Finnish design companies having their own online shop or products available in online shop(s)

  • jewelleries
  • interior design
  • homeware
  • accessories

Target is to 

  • showcase and promote Finnish design product companies and their online shops
  • pre-Christmas direct selling in attractive location

Groups to be invited are

  • local Finnish community
  • diplomats
  • personnel of United Nations
  • business partners

For more information please contact sanna.sipila-axnix (at)