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Webinar 30.11.2022

Future Mining Cooperation between Türkiye and Finland

30.11.2022 at 9:00-10:35 (EET)


Further information

Pelin Gokcek, Senior Advisor, Region Europe Central
pelin.gokcek (at)


Anna Nikkilä, Program Coordinator
anna.nikkila (at)

Team Finland Türkiye, in cooperation with the Istanbul-based research and consultancy company FMC Group, is organizing a webinar targeting co-operation between Finnish and Turkish companies in the Turkish mining industry.

The webinar will take place on November 30th, 2022 at 09:00-10:35 (EET Helsinki) / at 10:00 – 11:35 (EEST Istanbul). Following the webinar, and based on the Finnish companies' interest, activities such as B2B meetings and networking will be planned for 2023. The webinar will be held in English on Microsoft Teams.


09:00 Welcome and introduction –  Joona Selin, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Finland in Türkiye & Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland Türkiye 
09:05 Mining Industry in Türkiye and Related Opportunities in the Market – Berna Gurleyen, Head of Competence Centre – Research Services, FMC Group Partner
09:40 Mehmet Yilmaz, President, Turkish Gold Miners Association
10:00 Mert Katkay, Head of Minerals Sales, Middle East & Türkiye, Metso Outotec
10:20 Q&A
10:30 Wrap up and next steps – Joona Selin, Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Finland in Türkiye & Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland Türkiye
10:35 End of the webinar

All times in Eastern European Time (EET).


Mining is a strategic sector for Türkiye that has been prioritized for growth. Mining alone contributes 1.17% to GDP but together with the usage areas in the industry this increased to 20% in 2020.

Türkiye's ratification of the Paris Agreement in late 2021 put green transition is priority in every sector. Strategic mines that will be used in clean energy transformation suggested by the Paris Agreement are high on the agenda of the state, NGOs and private business. Electric cars in particular will use large quantities of lithium, nickel and cobalt that Türkiye can provide at least for its own production. With the full activation of the Paris Environment Agreement, Türkiye has announced the need for the materials that is used to produce clean energy sources and also clean energy industry.

Building solar PV plants and wind farms and EVs often requires the use of more minerals than their fossil fuel-based counterparts. This push is resulting in strategic moves towards cleaner energy-supporting materials such as copper, rare earth elements, nickel, cobalt and most importantly lithium.

During the webinar, FMC Group will present the opportunities in Turkish market, which will be followed by case examples from Turkish mining industry players. Based on the interest of the participating Finnish companies, Team Finland Türkiye will plan the activities for mining related Finnish companies for 2023.

Why participate in this event?

  • Sustainability is an important topic for the operators in Türkiye which are facing challenges on social aspects and environmental issues.
  • Mining operators in Türkiye are facing public and government pressure for health, safety, and environmental issues. Better public and government relations are required. Being transparent to the residents of rural areas and good communication with the villagers are all important and are within the agenda of the operators.
  • As Türkiye is reaching a state where the open mines are getting deep, underground mining has to be applied in the coming period. This would require adapting to relevant technologies and also more occupational safety and solutions to increase efficiency.
  • Occupational safety is very important in Türkiye. This is a very sensitive topic for the companies and also for the public, especially after the Soma Mine Explosion in 2014 where 301 miners died due to the underground mine fire as well as a very recent mine explosion in Bartin. Working conditions have to be within the health and security necessities.
  • Using environment-friendly technologies and methods become more important for Turkish players in all segments.
  • Energy costs in Türkiye are quite high. Therefore, energy-saving solutions and increasing efficiency are needed.

Who should participate in this event?

Finnish providers with applications for the mining industry in sustainability, digitalization, occupational safety or similar fields such as:

  • Sustainability solutions: a) Solutions for decreasing the carbon footprint b) Energy saving solutions and solutions to increase energy efficiency c) Environment-friendly technologies and methods d) Any know-how or innovative solutions offered to ease the public and government relations.
  • Digital solutions: a) Developing the connectivity of mines b) Pollution control, ventilation tracking, and traffic control solutions c) Traffic signalization systems d) Shift-management digitalization e) Digitalization to manage the contracts with subcontractors f) To optimize & save costs based on the data coming from the mine g) Remote control and automation solutions that can reduce human-power dependency, autonomous solutions h) Remote training solutions and support
  • Any specific solutions for the mining industry that offer advantages in the production process
  • Occupational safety and human/working health-related solutions or similar