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Online 8.2.2022

Get connected with key Horizon Europe players 1

Get connected with key Horizon Europe players

part 1/4: IMEC


Tuesday 8 February 2022
15:00–16:00 EET, online


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Emmi Nahi
Program Coordinator
emmi.nahi (at)


Toni Mattila
Head of Sustainable Manufacturing Finland
toni.mattila (at)

Networking and meeting the right people are the key for your success. In this webinar we introduce selected European (non-Finnish) research and technology organizations who build and execute a lot of EU projects. 


Speaker: Valentina Terzieva


  • Founded in 1984
  • Policy decision from Flemish Government to merge two universities existing know-how and facilities
  • Due to the fact that micro & nanotechnology R&D for industry demands extremely high CAPEX equipment and cleanrooms
  • Original investments were the existing university facilities plus 2-5M€ for researchers' payrolls


  • a unique infrastructure that includes a 2.5-billion-euro 300mm semiconductor pilot line
  • more than 5,000 expert scientists from over 95 countries
  • an ecosystem of more than 600 world-leading industry partners and a global academic network - 200 universities in collaboration
  • 680M€ annual budget75% comes from industries16% regional rest from the government

The event is a part of Introduction to EU funding webinar series, organized by Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program and tailored specifically to Finnish manufacturing sector.

Participation is free of charge but requires registration. Welcome!