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Istanbul 5.10.2022

Istanbul Apparel Conference: b2b-meetings

Please register for the business matchings by 11th September


Further Information

Nilufer Alapinar
Senior Advisor, Region Europe Central
nilufer.alapinar (at)

Istanbul Apparel Conference is a high-level international conference with Turkish and worldwide audience. On the first day of the conference, Business Finland will organize a business matching event with Turkish exporters, garment manufacturers and sub-contractors of fashion retailers. We welcome you to participate to the b2b-meetings. The b2b-meetings are targeted for Finnish textile innovation companies that have solutions to create the green transition in the textile industry. 

On the first day of the conference the audience is mainly owners of Turkish clothing companies.  

The theme of Istanbul Apparel Conference in 2022 is “Green Revolution” and during the conference, topics on the European Green Deal agenda are discussed. The topics include themes such as sustainability and sustainable raw materials, green factory, renewable energy, carbon footprint, digitalization, technology and innovation.

The Turkish textile industry has strong drivers promoting further investment in sustainability and in carbon reduction, such as strong regulatory pressure, strict customer and stakeholder demand, and the ambitious targets to maintain international competitiveness to rank in the top 3 suppliers globally. Turkish sustainable transformation strategy, The Green Deal Action Plan, reinforces the existing regulatory guidance, increase the R&D and innovation studies and pressure in the ecosystem.

The entrance for the Istanbul Apparel Conference cost 250€ / person. The business matching event organized by Business Finland is free of charge, but the participants are responsible for all the other costs and travel arrangements to Istanbul. More information on the practicalities during the conference can be found here.