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Webinar 29.11.2022

Nordic AMPlify 2023 Launch Event: Accelerated US Market Entry

At 15:00-18:00 Finnish time 

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Val Kratzman
Senior Advisor
New York, USA
val.kratzman (at)

Nordic AMPlify – The Fastest Way to Accessing US Healthcare
Five US Health Systems Seeking Digital, Patient, Workforce & Medtech Solutions
Access mentors, VCs, & medical teams.
Entry the US Smarter & Faster with real-time feedback!

Covid accelerated the use of digital health and remote monitoring, but also paved the way for US healthcare to change. Virtual care, care anywhere, and accountable patients are key focus areas; and, for the first time ever, the US is openly transitioning from healthcare to health. While this is a long-term and irreversible process, it has started and there is a huge need for new health solutions.

Health systems are proactively seeking new ways to improve care, reduce costs, and improve both patients' and providers' well-being. Co-development is key to entry and partnerships. Chief innovation officers want new ideas and new partners.

The need for more & better digital tools is real and visible. Now is the time to focus resources on US entry through Nordic AMPlify, one of the best platforms for Nordic healthcare companies.

Nordic AMPlify is a complete digital health ecosystem only open to Nordic digital health and medtech companies. In partnership with five leading health systems in North Carolina, participating companies are assigned a mentor on day 1 and then have unhindered access to over 100 business mentors, clinical innovation leaders, and VCs. AMP will reduce your time to market by two years.

Virtual Kick-Off event: Tuesday November 29th 15:00-18:00 EET

Driven by greater data connectivity and interoperable and open, secure platforms along with increasing consumer engagement, 3 key vectors will emerge and redefine the traditional health care market:

  • Data and platforms
  • Well-being and care delivery
  • Care enablement

If you are a digital health or medtech company, plan to attend the Nordic AMPlify kick-off November 29th. Leading VCs and the partner health systems will discuss how to work with them. Gain new and valuable insight. There are 15-18 openings for 2022-2023 program. The application will be available November 29th. All applications must be submitted by December 31, 2022.

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

Business Finland has built a joint Nordic digital health market entry platform and ecosystem with Winston-Salem, North Carolina. By joining Nordic AMPlify program, Finnish companies can accelerate their market entry in a user friendly, risk-free ecosystem designed to give feedback and support. This one-of-a-kind ecosystem offers access to: 5 North Carolina hospital systems with over 600 locations & 90 + hospitals, 2 medical schools, 11 early stage VCs, & 100+ business and clinical mentors solely to accelerate Nordic digital healthcare in the US. Nordic AMPlify has proven that a fully integrated ecosystem model generates successful companies.

P.S. Read more about the market opportunity.