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Webinar 27.10.2022

Smart manufacturing opportunities in the food & beverage industry in Turkiye

27.10.2022 at 14:00-15:30 (EEST)



Further information

Pelin Gokcek, Senior Advisor, Region Europe Central
pelin.gokcek (at)

Anna Nikkilä, Program Coordinator
anna.nikkila (at)

Business Finland, in cooperation with the Istanbul-based research and consultancy company BKP Research & Consulting, is organizing a webinar targeting opportunities for Finnish companies in the Turkish food & beverage industry.

The webinar will be followed by approximately five B2B meetings with Turkish end clients for each interested Finnish company in the last two months of 2022.


14:00 Welcome and introduction – Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
14:10 Smart manufacturing business opportunities in food&beverage industry in Turkiye companies – Deniz Kabaagac, Managing Partner, BKP Research & Consulting
15:10 Q&A
15:20 Wrap up and next steps – Pelin Gokcek Adiyaman, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
15:30 End of the webinar

The webinar will be held in English.


The food & beverage industry in Turkiye contributes an impressive 8% to total GDP, constitutes of 53.530 companies and generates 116 billion USD. Turkiye ranks as 11th in agricultural production and 22nd in exports worldwide and the total added value provided by the F&B industry is 9.7 billion USD. Turkiye is also a regional base for the production, processing, and export of food products to European and Middle Eastern markets.

Main drivers for utilizing smart manufacturing applications in the industry are to compete in foreign and domestic markets, requests by customers as well as a focus on the environment as an emerging driver.

During the webinar, BKP Research & Consulting will present the opportunities in Turkish market and will be followed-up by a short survey of the participating companies. Based on the results of the survey a series of virtual B2B meetings will be co-organized by Business Finland and BKP Research & Consulting for the interested Finnish companies. These will give Finnish providers the opportunity to speak in depth to the potential clients and stakeholders.

Why participate in this event?

  • The Turkish food&beverage industry has been maintaining its growth in production as well as exports and imports.
  • The industry value chain is not fully globally integrated but still big domestic value chain
  • Food safety is important especially in terms of exports which is a critical factor
  • Smart manufacturing solutions are used in the industry but not on a broad enough scale, although utilization in large companies is relatively widespread. There is therefore a lot of scope to develop the utilization of smart manufacturing solutions further in the Turkish food and beverage industry.
  • As a result of a survey made with 101 F&B industry companies which are listed in the Top 1000 industrial companies of Turkiye, 68% of the interviewed companies are considering making investments in smart manufacturing.
  • References from Europe are very important for Turkish companies which usually favor Northwestern European companies technologically.

Who should participate in this event?

Finnish suppliers of technologies and services around:

  • High quality manufacturing solutions such as dosing line solutions, thawing and freezing systems, air compressors, ice bank silos and modular production facilities
  • Energy efficiency solutions in food production
  • Food waste reduction solutions
  • Food and food production safety solutions
  • Packaging and palletizing solutions, etc.