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Online 21.2.2023

AgeTech opportunities in Sweden

At 9.30-10.30 Finnish time


Microsoft Teams webinar


This event meant is meant for Finnish companies interested in the Swedish Agetech market.

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Nima Jokilaakso
Senior Advisor, Stockholm
nima.jokilaakso (at)

Join this webinar to learn how the Swedish Agetech market operates regarding public and private procurements, how to enter the market and what opportunities were identified in a market study performed in 2022.

Sweden, like many other developed countries, is experiencing a rapid demographic change. The elderly 80+ population is predicted to grow by 49% from 2020 to 2030. Since this group is also the biggest user of health and elderly care services, the Swedish National Board of Health and Wellfare estimates that the regions and municipalities responsible for services will need 38% increase in additional workforce just to manage the same level of staffing.

Solving this situation purely by staffing is neither sustainable nor realistic so other solutions will be needed to address the increased service needs. Digital technology solutions will become more critical. Active independent aging solutions, solutions for home care environment and assisted living environment are good examples of growing business opportunities.


Introduction to the topic: Nima Jokilaakso, Business Finland
Presentation of Agetech opportunities in Sweden report: Robert Harju-Jeanty, Medical Lead Nordic & Lars Arffman, Arffman Consulting

Come and hear more about the Agetech market in Sweden!