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Online 2.3.2023

Business opportunities in France for decarbonizing industries

Time: 11.00–12.00 EET 


Further Information

Xavier Riquier
Senior Advisor
xavier.riquier (at)

We welcome you to learn about the business opportunities in decarbonizing France’s industry, the drivers and solutions needed in the market and the opportunities in this field for Finnish companies. The webinar is targeted for Finnish companies that have solutions to decarbonize industries and want to gain understanding about the overall situation and the market opportunities in France, and for everyone else interested in the subject.

Why France?

Green transition, Sustainability & Circular Economy are themes that touch the vast majority of French industries. The French government is committed to its objective to cut France’s CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. Points of interest and needs expressed in discussions about the lowering the emissions in industry are:

  • Energy-efficient machinery and automation
  • Determination of emission levels and carbon footprint
  • Capture of emissions and waste energy
  • Energy storage, and different digital solutions.
  • Visibility solutions on emissions, tools for collecting emission data
  • Energy efficiency and management system solutions
  • Circular economy solutions
  • Lifecycle analysis solutions
  • Determination of carbon footprint


11.00–11.05 Opening of the webinar by Marika Ollaranta, Head of Decarbonizing Industries RRF
11.05–11.25 "Why France" by Xavier Riquier, Senior Advisor
11.25–11.50 Deep dive to France’s decarbonization needs by Horvath & Partners
11.50–12.00 Q&A and next steps
12.00 End of the webinar