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Online 26.1.2023

Business opportunities in Mexico for industrialized energy efficiency

Time: 15.00–16.00 EET


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Further Information

Patricia Ceja
Senior Advisor, Region Latin America
patricia.ceja (at)

We cordially invite you to join us and learn about the business opportunities in industrial energy efficiency in Mexico and to discuss the Mexican market. The purpose of this meeting is to present the key drivers and needed solutions, that can be provided by the Finnish companies, to present the upcoming delegation to Mexico and to have an open discussion about the Mexican market. Welcome!

The meeting is targeted for Finnish companies, that have solutions and technologies to increase energy efficiency and to decarbonize industries and are interested in gaining insights on the Mexican market and the opportunities in the country. 

Why Mexico?

The industry sector is responsible for 25% of Mexico’s GDP, employing 31% of the working population. The industrial sector in Mexico consumes 31% of the country’s energy supply and industrial energy consumption is expected to grow around 4% per annum until 2030. The current global geopolitical situation is intensifying the US-Mexico economic integration and forcing the manufacturers of the north of Mexico to steep production and open new production lines. Therefore, Mexico has attracted large foreign direct investments in the last two years.

Nearshoring and friend shoring are triggering new manufacturing deals in Mexico that come with energy efficiency, energy cost reduction and decarbonization requests from US and EU companies. According to an estimation by a consultancy firm with wide expertise in the sector, the industrial energy efficiency market in Mexico can account for as much as $15.7 Bn USD.

Opportunities for Finnish companies

Opportunity domains for Finnish companies concerning energy efficiency and decarbonization of industries in Mexico include

  • Optimization engineering: Overall energy efficiency improvements
  • Process engineering: Process reformulation for leaner and adaptive assembly lines
  • Air quality sensors: industrial process efficiency, enhanced product quality predictability
  • Small size turbines
  • Boilers and heat pumps
  • Mission critical connectivity: remote machine monitoring and control.
  • Waste to energy and waste to value: resource efficiency and repurposing of waste


15.00–15.05 Opening of the meeting by Zofia Stelmaszczyk
15.05–15.25 Presenting the business opportunity by Patricia Ceja
15.25–15.40 Next steps: Delegation to Mexico in March
15.40–16.00 Discussion and Q&A