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Webinar 7.2.2023

Health Tuesday: Digitally Supported Wellbeing

At 8:00-9:00.

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Meria Heikelä
Director, Health, London
meria.heikela (at)

Digitally Supported Wellbeing - Three interesting cases and opportunity to learn more about this growing sector!

Welcome to the first Health Tuesday in 2023. In February we are introducing three cases that represent different aspects of the field of digitally supported wellbeing. This sector covers several topics such as mental wellbeing, corporate wellness, fitness and many more.

Join us to hear more!


8.00 Opening words
Meria Heikelä, Business Finland, London

8.05 Auntie - Healthy minds, brighter business
Julia von dem Knesebeck, Growth Lead, Auntie Solutions

8.20 Remote coaching for better life and performance – is it working?
Pekka Pohjakallio, Business Development Director, Hintsa Performance

8.35 Aisti Health - understanding population wellbeing and individualising interventions
Patrik Borg, Chief Innovation Officer, Aisti Health

8.50 Closing words
Meria Heikelä, Business Finland, London

9.00 Health Tuesday event ends