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Webinar 25.8.2023

ITEA EUREKA cluster roadshow

Time: Friday 25.8.2023 10.00–11.30
Place: Webinar


Further information

Hanna Rinta-Erkkilä (Eureka collaboration)
+358 40 751 4278
hanna.rinta-erkkila (at)


Hannu Nurmi (ITEA funding)
+358 50 5577 771
hannu.nurmi (at)


Mika Niskanen (ITEA funding)
+358 50 312 8608
mika.niskanen (at)


Are you interested in international R&D collaborations in the field of software applications? Business Finland and ITEA have organised the '25 years of ITEA Roadshow session'. ITEA roadshow is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with potential partners and get to know new collaborative R&D projects companies in Europe and beyond are planning right now.

More detailed information about the event and the detailed program are available on the event's English pages.

What ITEA?

Eureka Clusters are international platforms for R&D collaboration established by predominantly European key industries and supported by the national innovation and research funding organisations. ITEA has its focus on software applications, and supports the development and piloting of innovative products, services and solutions in R&D projects that often are led by research institutes or universities. Typically, organizations from 3-4 countries are involved in each project.