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Get involved in EUREKA

EUREKA is a pan-European network for market-oriented and industry-related R&D. It promotes the competitiveness of European companies by creating links and networks of innovation. Business Finland is the coordinator of EUREKA activities in Finland.

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The EUREKA Initiative is a network that brings together the European member states with the aim of fostering cooperation in research and innovation. As the broadest European innovation platform, EUREKA fosters a number of cooperation formats:

  • The traditional EUREKA Network Project is for a limited number of individual enterprises from two or more EUREKA countries.
  • The EUREKA Cluster Projects are born in the industry clusters in process of strategy and matchmaking and promoted in an annual cycle.
  • The Eurostars Projects are primarily for SMEs and they follow a standard application and evaluation procedure and the European Commission is supporting the Eurostars Programme.
  • EinnoVest is a new format for business training and investor cooperation.

EUREKA is a network of countries, and each country supports the activity through its National Funding Agencies. Each country controls its own funding.

Business Finland is responsible for the coordination of EUREKA activities and as a result, the national EUREKA Office is an integral part of Business Finland. Business Finland is also the main funding body of Finnish EUREKA participants. Business Finland promotes EUREKA activities and encourages Finnish enterprises to get involved in EUREKA project cooperation.

Finland is one of the founding members of EUREKA in 1985. During 2017-2018, Finland held the chairmanship of EUREKA. The year of the Chairmanship culminated in EUREKA Innovation Days. There were over 900 participants from all over the world.