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Teams Webinar 15.2.2023

Navigating eCommerce Technology Decisions in 2023

Wednesday 15th February, 2023. at 11:00–12:00 Finnish time (EET)


Please note that spaces are limited and your place will be confirmed shortly after registration.


Further information

Sannamari Stern

Senior Advisor, Business Finland UK

sannamari.stern (at)


Roosa Korkala

Advisor, Business Finland UK

roosa.korkala (at)

Event planning 

Paula Paassilta-Weman 

Business Finland 

paula.paassilta-weman (at) 

Business Finland and Fern Studios present an interactive live roundtable with three of the UK’s most original eCommerce and direct-to-consumer thinkers.

Tom Broughton (founder of Cubitts), Oliver Rhodes (eCommerce Tech Consultant) and Tim Richardson (founder, Fern Studios) will discuss the changing landscape of eCommerce technology and how brands are navigating it in 2023. Our interactive session will be split into three areas of eCommerce Technology decision-making from a brand's perspective.

Each section will be an opportunity for the audience to learn from our three experts and ask them questions. Please note that spaces are limited and chosen companies will be contacted separately after registration.

Speaker profiles

Tim Richardson
Tim is the founder of Fern Studios - a consultancy that focuses on helping digital agencies with their internal growth, sales and client management strategy. Before that, he was a founding member of We Make Websites, a Shopify Plus agency acquired by the Born Group in 2021. In his spare time, he hosts the Your Basket Is Empty podcast and newsletter and does a little angel investing.

Tom Broughton
Tom Broughton founded Cubitts in 2013, a modern spectacles company based in King's Cross, London. With a focus on using technology to revive a traditional industry, Cubitts has grown to an international eCommerce business, 15 physical stores, and a team of 125. Before starting Cubitts, Tom's background was in applied statistics, followed by varied forms of career procrastination (consulting, accountancy, and children's television).

Oliver Rhodes
Oliver Rhodes is the founder of Aalto Projects - an Operating System Design consultancy focusing on scaling teams and businesses that want to centralise their information and workflows. He has been involved in designing tech stacks for hundreds of brands. Prior to starting his own consultancy, Oliver lead sales at PeopleVox who were acquired in 2020.