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Helsinki 25.5.2023

Transformation Conference 2023 — Connecting the fashion industry through innovation & creativity

Location: National Museum of Helsinki, Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki

Time: 09.00–12.30 EEST


Register for the seminar latest by Monday 22 May


Further Information

Sinianna Kuosmanen
sinianna.kuosmanen (at)


Miia Koski, Juni Communications
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In the midst of the most transformative period that fashion has ever seen, we want to explore how Finland and Sweden can deepen their impact on the textile industry's green transition — together. The purpose of the conference is to create a new platform where innovation companies, creative talent, and investors can meet and create new alliances. Warmly welcome!

Coming of the success of the inaugural conference in 2022, Transformation Conference is back in 2023, with the purpose of strengthening the connection between Finland and Sweden, between creativity and innovation, between companies and investors. Transformation Conference is a twin-event taking place both in Helsinki and in Stockholm during the summer of 2023. 

The event aims to foster conversations and enable networking with innovation companies, creative talent, and investors. At the event, we will gather some of the best minds within respective fields, in order to spur dialogue and cross-industry conversations. We will gather speakers from both Finland, Sweden, and globally, to create a pan-Nordic and international approach. The event will be attended by a delegation of international journalists.

Themes of the conference are:

  • How values are changing the fashion ecosystem
  • Materials and technology — the new Nordic innovations
  • How to market and communicate fashion tech
  • How brands can use technology to help with sustainability
  • How to use creativity to address our challenges
  • What are investors looking for?


09.00 Registration

09.25 Opening words
By moderator Konrad Olsson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

09.30 Keynote: A look at the EU textile strategy
A fresh update on the latest developments of the new EU directives and what they mean for fashion brands.
Speaker: Mauro Scalia, Director Sustainable Businesses at European Apparel and Textile Federation.

10.20 Case study: Innovating textiles through new innovations
A look at how Spinnova has used its technological innovation to help foster transformation in the fashion industry.
Speaker: Shahriare Mahmood, Chief Sustainability Officer, Spinnova

10.35 Interview: Intro to the Young Design of the Year Exhibition
Speaker: Juha Vehmaanperä, Young Design of the Year 2022 Finland

10.40 Intermission: Coffee and refreshments.
A chance to network and interact.

11.00 Keynote: ESG 2.0 – a framework for startups
A framework for fashion brands and startups on how to navigate the fast-evolving ESG legal and societal landscapes.
Speaker: Jessica Rameau, Partner, Wellstreet.

11.20: The need for cross-industry, cross-country collaboration
Transformation requires a deep understanding of both existing practices and new innovations. What can fashion brands and tech companies learn from each other? This cross-industry panel discusses how to build bridges.
Olli Kähkönen, founder, Nordic Bioproducts Group.
Jessica Rameau, Partner, Wellstreet.
Thomas Håkansson, designer, Swims.
Elin Silfvast, Production Manager and Sustainability Lead, Brixtol Textiles

11.45 Case Study: Rester – building an active value chain for textile recycling in Scandinavia
Recycling is one of the hottest topics in the fashion industry’s transformation. Rester wants to foster new collaborations between fashion brands to create new material streams.
Speaker: Outi Luukko, CEO, Rester

12.00 How to commercialize creativity
We discuss how designers can exchange their creativity, and sometimes radical ideas, for commercial success while keeping an eye on the environment.
Alice Bouleau, Principal & Head of Creative Pole, Sterling International.
Robin Douglas, creative director, Swedish Fashion Council.
Tuomas Merikoski, Founder, Aalto Recoded.

12.25 Closing words: Thanks for participating in Transformation Conference
Speaker: Konrad Olsson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Scandinavian MIND

Please note that the conference agenda may be subject to change without prior notice. The conference is free of charge but the registration is binding and we will charge a now-show fee of 50€. 

Site visit 26th May

On Friday, we will organize a site visit to a textile recycling plant in Paimio. Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto receives all household end-of-life post-consumer textiles collected in Finland and processes them into raw material for industry. The separate collection for all post-consumer textile waste is already a requirement in Finland. Rester enables the recovery of business textiles (uniforms, linens etc.) into new fiber and high-quality raw material. Together these companies can recycle all textile waste generated in Finland.

They are both looking for new partner companies to use recycled textile fibers in their own applications, which is the only way to make circularity truly happen.  Forerunners will have a competitive advantage in developing the sustainable products market, as the demand for using recycled raw materials is becoming mandatory and regulated by the EU. 

Preliminary agenda for the site visit

08.00–10.00 Bus transportation from Helsinki to Paimio
10.00–11.30 Site visit at Rester & Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto
11.30–11.45 Bus transportation from the site to Ravintola Toivo
11.45–12.30 Lunch at Ravintola Toivo in Paimio
12.30–14.30 Bus transportation from Paimio to Helsinki airport / Helsinki city center

Kindly note that participation is limited to a first come first serve basis. The site visit is targeter for international fashion brands and media. The site visit, transportation and lunch are free of charge.