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Webinar 4.4.2023

Value from Carbon Handprint

Future Watch Webinar

Time: 11:00–12:15 EET




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Soile Ollila
Head of foresight / Strategic Insights
soile.ollila (at)

How to create business value with carbon handprint? Welcome to Future Watch webinar where we learn about carbon handprint concept and hear how businesses can use the concept in creating value for their customers.

Demand for low carbon solutions is constantly rising with the global emission targets. Driven by regulation and increasing reporting requirements, for businesses it is no longer enough to look after own operations, the whole value chain needs to be taken into account.

A carbon handprint is a concept to showcase the reduced climate impact of a product or service. However, the concept is not yet as widely recognized as the carbon footprint which describes the negative climate impact of a product or a service. There is both a lot of untapped potential in the concept and a lot of uncertainties. For forerunner companies carbon handprint is already a key element of strategy and business idea. But it can provide competitive advantage for any company who wishes to learn how carbon handprint concept is utilized in sales, research and development, marketing and in investor relations.

To assess the opportunities and risks, Business Finland commissioned two studies of the carbon handprint concept: one demonstrating current business cases and one assessing the maturity of the concept and balancing the future view with current uncertainties.


11:00 Opening words
Helena Saren, Business Finland

11:05 Introduction to carbon handprint concept – What is there to know about the concept?
Tuulia Sinijärvi, Gaia Consulting

11:15 Familiarity with the carbon handprint concept – results of the global Delphi survey
Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies Martin Kruse

11:30 Value creation for companies by Carbon Handprint
Anu Pulkkinen, Gaia Consulting

11:45 Carbon handprint as a tool for transformation, case TactoTek
Janne Jääskä, TactoTek
Kommenttipuheenvuoro, Janne Peljo, EK

12:15 Q & A

12:30 End of webinar