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Online 14.10.2021

Nordic Battery Thursdays – Webinar Series 1#: Focus on Finland

Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the above link. Registered participants will receive a link to join the event by e-mail one day prior to the event.

registration by 10 October, 2021

Further information

Mr. Ilkka Homanen
Head of Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland
Business Finland
ilkka.homanen (at)
+358 44 577 4430

Ms. Päivi Mähönen
Manager, Delegations, Business Finland
paivi.mahonen (at)
+358 40 343 3468

Nordic Battery Thursdays – A Webinar series dedicated to nordic collaboration and opportunities in a booming battery business – Webinar Series 1#: Focus on Finland

The CO2 emission free targets set by Europe and worldwide along with market specific regulations and other catalyzing activities have initiated a huge transformation within the energy and transport sectors. Europe is working actively to build an independent and sustainable battery value chain to support its transformation while delivering solutions for global market needs. The Nordic region plays a major role in this. Not only does the region build a Nordic value chain integrated to the European development, it also contributes to a global zero carbon future by delivering leading technology solutions and services.

The Nordic Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) together with the EBA250 initiative – the Industrial development program of the European Battery Alliance driven by EIT InnoEnergy - invite Nordic, European and players in the global battery value chain interested in the Nordic battery value chain to participate in this webinar on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 10:00-11:30 EEST/ 09:00–10:30 CET.

The overall purpose of this online event is to promote Nordic strong holds and competences on sustainable battery value chain towards both the Nordic region and international markets. This particular webinar will focus on Finland and includes inspiring company cases.

This webinar is part of the Nordic webinar series “Nordic Battery Thursdays” where the focus will rotate among each Nordic country. The webinar series is organized in cooperation with Business Finland, Business Sweden, Innovation Norway and EBA250 – EIT InnoEnergy.

Who should attend?

Nordic, European and global battery value chain companies and stakeholders interested in the Nordic battery ecosystem.

Preliminary Program

Please note that the webinar is in English.