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Online 15.6.2022

Masterclass — How to create successful Food & Beverage business in South Africa

At 10:00 - 11:30 EEST Helsinki

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.

In order to register, it is mandatory to fill in the survey, which assists the organizers to focus on the real needs of the participants. All questions raised in the pre-survey will be addressed during the Masterclass. 

register by 13 June

Further information

Ms. Lili Lehtovuori
Global Opportunity Leader
lili.lehtovuori (at)

Ms. Jenni Kiilholma
Agricultural Counsellor
Embassy of Finland in South Africa
jenni.kiilholma (at)

Ms. Tiina Luoma
Project Manager, Delegations
tiina.luoma (at)

South Africa is real food&beverage country. South African cuisine and culinary traditions are as diverse as the country itself. Diversified customer needs make South Africa exciting future market also for Finnish food&beverage industry.

The standard of living has risen in South Africa, where the total population is estimated to have reached 60 million. Around 10% of the South African households belong to the middle or upper class and 26.4% are emerging to the middle class. The growing middle class, in addition to the elite class, means that overall consumption expenditure on food is increasing. European food products are always considered as luxury products in South Africa and the retailers are happy to list these products to attract the wealthy consumers who also buy other groceries. The South African Food and Grocery Retail Market was estimated to be valued at EUR 43 bn in 2020. However, the success is not guaranteed. A solid preparation and the right approach are essential for entering this market. Local partners can be highly important to succeed in the market. For newcomers it is important to be familiar with the local regulations, business climate and culture.

Read more about the F&B market opportunity: The opportunities for food and beverage companies in South Africa

This event is aimed for companies with a real interest to materialise market opportunities in South African growing food and beverages markets.

In this Masterclass you will learn

  • Key characteristics and complexities of the South African food and beverage market and business landscape
  • Role of local people and networks when entering and doing business in South Africa
  • Role of innovative market approach and brand localisation
  • Collaboration with Team Finland South Africa and its network partners



Moderator: Mika Jantunen, CEO of IntoLead Oy

10:00 Opening and welcome
10:05 Introduction (Mika Jantunen, Intolead)
10:10 Food&Beverage market in South Africa (Danilla van Jaarswelt, AHK)
10:20 Introduction of F&B industry experts: food retail buyer, beverage retailer, distributor  (Mika Jantunen, Intolead)
10:25 Group discussion (F&B industry experts)
11:20 Reflections from Team Finland (Lili Lehtovuori, Business Finland)
11:25 Closing remarks and next steps
11:30 Masterclass ends