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Online 6.4.2022

Sustainable battery cell factory and residential construction opportunities in Mo i Rana, Norway

Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, it requires a registration via the link below. You will receive a Teams link to join the event in your e-mail one day prior to the event.

Register by 4 April, 2022

Further information

Ms. Kaisa Nikkanen
Senior Advisor
+47 97 198 361
kaisa.nikkanen (at)

The Mo i Rana region in the county of Nordland in Norway is planning extensive growth in the coming years following a wave of sustainable business development initiatives in the area. The growth period is led by the planned construction of battery cell manufacturing giga factories by Freyr Battery: The pilot factory, a Customer Qualification Plant, is in the making and the following giga factories are planned to be constructed in 2022-2026.

According to a study conducted by Menon Economics, the number of inhabitants in the Mo i Rana region is expected to rise by 5000 due to direct and indirect needs of employment. Freyr Battery estimates to employ a staff of 1500 employees in total to be able to operate the planned giga factories 24/7. The growth in the Mo i Rana area's population calls for extensive residential, commercial and public construction activities. The Menon study has calculated a need for 1800-2150 new residences in Mo i Rana by 2027, compared to the existing 12300 residences. New projects will be initiated gradually and continue at least until 2027.

Business Finland, Rana Utvikling and Venture North organize a joint webinar on Wednesday 6 April, 2022 at 13:00-14:00 (EET Finland) / 12:00-13:00 (CET Norway) about the construction opportunities in the Mo i Rana area. The opportunities cover the construction of the giga factory buildings by Freyr Battery and residential construction projects by various stakeholders.

The topics of the webinar are:

  • Welcome and introduction of the topic by Business Finland, Rana Utvikling and Venture North
  • Freyr Battery plans in Mo i Rana by Freyr Battery
  • Residential construction plans in Mo i Rana by Freyr Battery
  • Residential construction projects and future needs by Eiendomsselskapet Ranheim
  • Business Finland in Norway and next steps by Business Finland

Who should attend?

Finnish companies interested in or already operating in the Norwegian market.

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