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Webinar 27.10.2022

Webinar: Innovation within maritime decarbonization – Norway and Finland

At 09-10am (Oslo) / 10-11am EEST (Helsinki)  

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.


Further information

Katja Eriksen
katja.eriksen (at)

Tiina Luoma
tiina.luoma (at)


Both Finland and Norway aim high when building sustainable maritime innovations through public-private partnerships. How are these innovations set into practice?   

Business Finland and DNV warmly welcome to learn about the current Norwegian and Finnish maritime innovation programs taking place, and their experiences in the past projects.   

The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment has awarded DNV and its partners a contract to develop a roadmap for the introduction of sustainable zero-carbon fuels across the Nordic region. The “Nordic Roadmap” aims to accelerate the transition to zero carbon fuels by reducing the key barriers to their uptake and creating a platform for cooperation across the region. 

In Norway, the Green Shipping program has set alive many of the Norwegian government’s maritime strategies and plans, and they are preparing now for the next phase of the program.   

In Finland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports Finland’s ambitious sustainable development strategy through tangible projects within maritime industry. Meyer shipyard in Turku tells about their newly started project where the aim is to develop a carbon-neutral cruise ship. 

We will also learn how companies can join these innovation projects – what is required, and what is possible.   


  • Welcome & practicalities – Katja Eriksen, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
  • Norway:
    • The Fuel of the Future is Cooperation - Maritime Forecast  – Mårten Schei-Nilsson, Area Manager,  DNV
    • Nordic Roadmap - a project to support the introduction of sustainable zero-carbon fuels across the Nordic region – Øyvind Endresen, Senior Principal Consultant,  DNV
    • How to develop environmentally friendly shipping via cooperation and implementation of innovative solutions – Christoffer Bøhmer, Principal Consultant, DNV   
  • Finland: 
    • How innovation is made in Finland? – Riku Mäkelä, Ecosystem Lead, Business Finland 
    • NEcOLEAP – Finland-centric innovation ecosystem for developing a carbon-neutral cruise ship – Heili Kolkkanen, Project Management Officer, Meyer Turku Shipyard 
  • Q&A and End  

Are you representing a Norwegian or Finnish company operating in the maritime industry and interested in participating in innovation projects, or alternatively seeking to enter the market in the future?   

If so, this is the right event for you.  

A warm welcome!