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Webinar 11.10.2022

XR in Europe: Berlin-Brandenburg meets Finland

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.


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Melanie Krautwald
melanie.krautwald (at)

Tiina Luoma
tiina.luoma (at)

Business Finland and VR Berlin-Brandenburg (VRBB) invite you to our webinar on the XR landscape in Europe. Let´s start a dialogue between the German and Finnish XR ecosystem, discuss current trends, hear use cases on how Finnish and German XR companies can leverage knowledge through cooperations and find new inspiring contacts.

Read more about the market opportunity: GERMANY – DEMAND FOR AR/VR SOLUTIONS GROWS

Agenda (EEST Helsinki)

16:30 Welcome and opening by Business Finland and VRBB
16:35 AR/VR Testing Systems: Optofidelity (Lasse Lepistö, CEO)
16:42 Insights from Germany: Volucap (Sven Bliedung von der Heide, CEO)
16:49 NowHere Media: About Evocative Storytelling (Gayatri Parameswaran, Co-Founder)
16:56 ZOAN: Virtual Helsinki (Karoliina Leisti, Head of Sales Virtual Studio)
17:03 NeXR: Your gateway into a virtualized economy (Thomas Richter, Advisor to CEO)
17:10 Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning: Immersal (Matias Koski, Global Sales)
17:17 Questions, Discussion and Networking
17:30 Closing

October 11, 15:30 German time, 16:30 Finnish time (approx. 1 hour)


Optofidelity: OptoFidelity develops best-performing automation products and measurement technologies for our customers, enabling their innovations for a smarter future. AR, VR or MR (augmented, virtual and mixed or mixed reality) HMD (Head Mounted Display) performance is all about achieving immersion and presence. Based in Tampere.

ZOAN: ZOAN is a metaverse studio combining state-of-the-art game-engine 3D graphics with the latest technology. Over the past 10 years, they have served the largest companies in the world providing virtual experiences out of this world. Based in Helsinki.

Immersal: Immersal Cloud Service and SDK is a complete Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning solution. It enables developers to build immersive, persistent and shared AR experiences and applications. Based in Helsinki.

Volucap: Volucap offers cutting-edge volumetric video services. Authentic cinema-quality digital avatars, which have been used in feature films such as Matrix 4. Photorealistic representations of people in motion for immersive media and cinematography to enable three-dimensional content for new markets. Based in Potsdam.

NeXR Technologies: Creates next level virtual experiences by fully leveraging the potential of VR, AR, Motion Capturing and digital avatars. Develop and deploy new products that help our customers experience an immersive future – from virtual events to creating digital avatars and bringing the real world through advanced motion capturing into a virtualized economy. Based in Berlin.

NowHere Media: Multi-award winning studio in Berlin designing virtual and augmented reality experiences, powered by evocative storytelling. Work with film production companies, nonprofits, media organisations and brand partners to create impactful stories that inspire and engage global audiences. The work finds itself at the intersection of art, technology and social change.


Business Finland helps Finnish companies to grow and thrive globally, develop future solutions, and reform their business operations boldly. At the same time, we are developing Finland into the most attractive and competitive innovation environment and the most enticing investment and travel destination in the world.

VRBB is a publicly funded association dedicated to advancing the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industries, founded in 2016. Our members are HighTech companies, established Media Companies, Research Institutes and Universities, Start-Ups, Freelancers and plain XR enthusiasts.