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Online 31.1.2023

Business Finland's Opportunities in Bioeconomy, USA

When: Tuesday 31 January, 2023 15:00-16:30 (EET)


Venue: Teams


Welcome to the webinar to hear about the Biorefinery and Forest Harvesting market opportunities in the United States.  

Register by January 30 2023

Further information

Ms. Ulla Lainio
Senior Advisor, Business Finland
ulla.lainio (at)


Ms. Outi Suomi
Head of Bio & Circular, Business Finland

outi.suomi (at)


Mr. Ilkka Homanen
Head of Program, Smart Mobility & Batteries from Finland
Business Finland
​​​​​​​ilkka.homanen (at)


Ms. Daphne Wang
Project Manager, Delegations, Business Finland (at)

Business Finland’s BioCircular and Smart Mobility and Batteries from Finland programs focus on new innovations and identifying business potential for the Finnish industries. There is growing demand for biorefining, use of biomass and for forest harvesting technology in the United States.


  • Welcome remark
  • Presentation 1: Biorefinery Opportunities – Vesa Pylkkanen, VP, IntelliGenetics, LLC, DI, M.S. ChE, MSIA (MBA)
  • Presentation 2: Forest harvesting Opportunities – Jukka Matikainen, M.Sc., CEO of Nordic Trading House, Vancouver.
  • Q&A
  • Next steps and closing words

Presentation 1: Biorefinery Opportunities

The webinar will address the big picture of biorefinery sector in North America from entrepreneurship perspective and from a Finnish company perspective.

We will discuss the background and the opportunity today, development stages for novel bioproducts, time-line and critical steps for a biorefinery project, project parties, design and engineering company’s role in the project, vendor selection, typical tender procedure, typical project funding and payment schemes, opportunities for involvement of Finnish companies, federal, state policies and incentives, their restrictions or favorable policies, favorable states for Finnish biorefinery technologies and products, learnings from the past (project cases), involving Research Universities in biorefinery sector in North America and references and useful information on biorefineries in the web.

The biorefinery sector in North America will we presented by Vesa Pylkkanen, VP, IntelliGenetics, LLC, DI, M.S. ChE, MSIA (MBA). Vesa has 30 years of practical experience in biorefinery business, plant development and operation in North America.

Presentation 2: Forest Harvesting Opportunities 

The second presentation will address opportunities in forest harvesting in the United States, in particular the Southern U.S., with a focus on commercial forest harvesting, selective harvesting, and the cut-to-length method, and the Western U.S. focusing on fuel treatment for wildfire prevention. Forest harvesting technology has growth potential in the U.S. The technology includes harvesting machines, log transportation, harvester heads, felling heads, and other special equipment for forestry operations.

The purpose of the presentation is to provide information about the current situation of forest harvesting and fuel treatment to help Finnish companies to evaluate their capabilities to succeed in the North American market, provide information that helps to identify market needs and capture the identified opportunities, and to identify potential customer groups and market segments for Finnish solutions.

Opportunities in Forest Harvesting in the United States will be presented by Jukka Matikainen, CEO of Nordic Trading House, Vancouver. Jukka holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and M.Sc. In Economics and Business Administration. Jukka has more than 12 years of experience in sales, marketing, and corporate strategy from multinational B2B companies on three continents.