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Online 23.5.2023

Finland Nuclear Industry Webinar – Learnings from the Latest Activities in Finnish Nuclear Industry

Date: Tuesday 23 May, 2023 09:00 – 11:00 (Finland time) /15:00 – 17:00 (Japan time)


Webinar platform: Zoom


Language: Japan and English, simultaneous translation

Register by 19 May

Further Information

Mr. Koichi Tanaka

Senior Advisor, Business Finland Japan
koichi.tanaka (at) 

In December 2022, Japanese government announced GX (Green Transition) basic policy, which aim to achieve 46% cut-off of GHG at 2030 and carbon neutral at 2050 by accelerating structural change of industry and society to more clean energy dependent. Along with renewables, nuclear power is highlighted as key decarbonized energy resources for Japan’s decarbonization action.

In fact, a plan for extending file cycle of existing nuclear power plants and an idea of constructing next-generation nuclear power plant were announced by the Cabinet office.

It appears that Japan and Finland shares the same direction and tasks in the nuclear power policy. Finland moves ahead in new nuclear power plant commissioning, life-cycle management of existing nuclear power plants, as well as final repository of radioactive wastes, and can share the experiences with Japan through the industry-to-industry level networking.

Team Finland plans and organizes this webinar, with the kind cooperation from JAIF, to introduce Finnish activities in the latest nuclear power development to Japanese nuclear industry for the future cooperation.