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Brazil 6.-10.2.2023

Trade Mission to Brazil

Register for this visit no later than 19 December, 2022


Further information

Mr. Matti Landin, Trade Commissioner
Cellular: +55 12 3942 1133

Ms. Annika Lipsanen-Brito, Project Manager, Delegations
Cellular: +358 50 3473 470

firstname.lastname (at)​​​​​​​

We invite you to join a Business Finland Trade Mission to Brazil on 6 - 10 February, focusing on opportunities within Suzano Forestry Challenge and Suzano’s invitation to get familiar with real conditions in tropical plantation forests and opportunities that these offer.  

Suzano is one of the most valuable forest industry companies globally and currently harvests approximately 40 Mm3 of plantation Eucalyptus and the harvesting will raise to approximately 50 Mm3 in 2025. Suzano is a knowhow leader in tropical plantation forest and uses extensively modern technology. Suzano is now looking for solutions to four specific challenges but also companies having other productivity improving solutions are welcome to join the field visits and discussions with the Suzano Forestry Team. This visit gives a rare opportunity to learn, discuss and create new insights and approaches on how to improve the competitiveness of Suzano’s planted forests.

​​​​​The program in São Paulo state consist of field visits and workshops. The visit covers the operations of plant nursery, planting, fire prevention, harvesting, logistics, and an overview about planning, forestry management and how Suzano is using remote sensing. Thursday is dedicated to individual discussion between the Suzano team(s) and Finnish suppliers about the specific challenges and proposed solutions. On Thursday Finnish companies have the opportunity to meet Brazilian system integrators and or potential partners for commercial representations and technical support.  For Friday, there will be a meeting with the leading forestry research institute IPEF funded by plantation forest industries. 

Preliminary program

Why join?

  • The Suzano’s visit invitation is a rare and excellent opportunity for Finnish Suppliers of Smart Forestry and other forestry technologies, research organizations and universities to meet Suzano’s managers and experts and get much deeper understanding of the real conditions and requirements of typical tropical plantation forests, one of the fastest growing sectors of forestry technology market globally.
  • Participation companies have the opportunity to meet individually with the Suzano Team to present their solution to the challenges or other competitiveness improvement and to discuss possible needs for Joint RDI project.
  • The Participating companies will have the opportunity to meet Brazilian system integrators and or potential partners for sales and technical support. Right partnering improves credibility and changes of Success in the market.
  • The participating companies and research actors have the possibility to meet and discuss cooperation opportunities with the management and experts of IPEF, the leading Brazilian Forestry research center funded by the largest forest planting industries.

Read more about Suzano Foresty Challenge

Who should attend?

Business Finland has identified a demand for the following solutions:

  • Companies and start ups with capacity to offer or develop solutions to one of the four specific challenges That Suzano published during the webinar on 30 November 2022.
  • Companies and start ups with capacity to offer or develop other solutions significantly improving the competitiveness of tropical plantation forest of Suzano.
  • Research centers, Universities, Forestry schools who can offer or develop solutions to improve productivity of Suzano’s plantation forests.

Does this sound interesting to you? Make sure to register!


To cover the expenses of arranging the visit, Business Finland will charge a participation fee.

  • Major companies: 900 EUR + 24% VAT per person
  • Minor businesses and SMEs: 765 EUR + 24% VAT per person.

Business Finland will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. Kindly note that the participation fee does not include flights or accommodation of the participant nor meals outside the business delegation program.