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Online 1.1.-31.12.2022

Food from Finland & Wabel partnership 2022

Wabel online platform cooperation during 2022 with the special price 4900 € includes Wabel Essential package and training session.

More information

To register and more information on Wabel please contact:
Aurelien van Berten, Wabel
aurelien.vanberten (at)

About Food from Finland & Wabel partnership:
Annaleena Soult, Business Finland
annaleena.soult (at)

A special opportunity for Finnish food companies to join Wabel online meet the buyer services!

Business Finland / Food from Finland and Wabel have agreed a cooperation package for Finnish food and beverage industry companies:
The special price 4900 € includes Wabel Essential package (normally 6390 €, completed by a training session worth 490€).

This special price will be valid during the year 2022.

For more information, please contact Aurelien van Berten, aurelien.vanberten (at)

Wabel, created in 2012, is a B2B matchmaking company creating real one-on-one conversations between buyers and suppliers called B2B Smart Meetings. Tailor-made meetings are based on real data and organized in a two-day summit, with a focus on one category of FMCG for both private label and brands. Needl is a global online community of buyers and sellers from over 60 countries worldwide. The sourcing platform which allows exporters to discover qualified buyer recommendations, and have access to buyers’ sourcing needs in real time.