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Online 13.-21.3.2023

Food from Finland Promotion Campaign in China Spring 2023

Time: 13.-21.3.2023
(Time subject for changes as per final arrangement)
Place: e-tail campaign 

Registration DL November 30, 2022.


More Information


Erika Wang, Business Finland, Helsinki (at)

Food from Finland program opens registration for food and beverage companies joining multi-countries promotion campaign in China. The campaign is highly focus on e-tail channels, which are owned by offline retailers, the campaign will create the product access to retail chains. Food from Finland program is submitting the product list for e-tail decision by end of November. Late cancellation after registration is not possible in regard to the special context of the campaign.

Chinese Consumers appreciate convenient and timely purchase, food safety is valued equally as reliability of the sales channel. The current pandemic situation in China still makes brick-and-mortar supermarkets more susceptible to restrictions. E-tail stands more resilient in terms of consumers’ access to the products. As mentioned motivation, e-tail promotions in China reach 25% higher increase in sales than the retail promotions. On the other side, social-commerce as latest trendy sales model in mass audience group, the effectiveness of online campaign is more competitive. By the date of this campaign announcement, travelling to China remains requirement of quarantine at arrival.


  • In total, the campaign of Finland will open for seven companies. The limited seats is served by registration order.
  • Minimum six companies are required for completing the offering from Finland. The campaign registration ends by 22nd of November.
  • Each company can submit maximum 2 products application, the selection is decided by e-tailer.
    • Two SKUs of the same brand in different sizes count as one product.
    • Two SKUs of the same brand in different flavours count as two products.
  • If the product(s) is not selected by the e-tailer, replacement is possible from the same company.
  • Company must have registered through CIFER system and sales activities are following China legal requirements.
  • Business terms such as selling price, retail price, stock delivery time, logistic and other operational matters are agreed directly with e-tailer.
  • Negotiation meeting is agreed with e-tail channel in early December.
  • Shipment arrangement is highly recommended to take place in advance with sufficient time buffer.


  • Product listing through 2 x websites, 2 x APP, 2 x mini-programs
  • Wechat post promotion
  • KOL produce one video for products from Finland
  • Coupons will be offered to consumers to purchase products
  • Inaugural Ceremony Online x 1h * all countries promotion products are introduced by appointed KOL by e-tail partner
  • Products promotion 12 days on two e-tail platforms (Epermarket and Nogogo)
  • Each platform will have 2 x 3days focus country day for Finland

Why choosing Epermarket?

Epermarket was started in 2011, with only 17 employees and 300 items. Today, Epermarket rapidly grown into a full scale operation with over 100 employees, a website in 4 different languages, and over 8,000 of the best products from around the world. Epermarket owns another etail platform Nogogo with same business scope, and operations-wise, more focused on the southern areas of China.

The channel is targeted on Chinese high-mid and high-income class and expats community. The channel has wide experience for increasing the exposure and visibility of promotions with regular consumer base and new consumers, including but not limited to: APP Push messages, newsletters, WeChat group messages, etc.

Social commerce as a new type of e-commerce model

Social media is a new marketing and sales channel in China. Commodities were advertised, promoted, or sold on social media platforms. In 2021, the market size of the social commerce sector in China reached approximately three hundred billion euro, by around 10 percent growth compared to the previous year. China's social commerce sector has undergone rapid growth over the past years. Social media users in China not only decided what to buy by following the recommendations from their friends but also the endorsement of KOLs (influencers).


Food safety and sustainability concerns more to younger consumers in China. It is encouraged to offer sustainable food products through Finland focus days in the promotion.