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News 16.10.2020

Get to know Cancer Expertise from Finland

Cancer is today the second leading cause of death globally, and the number of cancer cases and related deaths worldwide is estimated to double over the next 20 to 40 years.

However, intense medical research and technology development during the last 20 years has resulted in encouraging improvement within cancer diagnosis and treatment. A wide set of new technologies is currently in development, from hardware to software, and these technologies are providing smarter solutions for patients and clinicians to beat cancer. 

Finland is at the forefront in cancer research and treatment, with expertise ranging from research, treatment and digital tools for both patients and professionals to solutions for living with cancer. Finland aims to play a crucial role in and constantly push for new technologies and innovations for future-proofing cancer care.

To display how Finland and Finnish solutions participate in the fight against cancer, Business Finland has compiled a new digital booklet, providing an overview of the extensive know-how and current areas of innovation.

“Top-notch cancer care and oncology are fields, where Finland has success stories to tell in terms of patient empowerment, developing new therapies, and utilizing data,” Global Opportunity Leader Terhi Rasmussen summarizes. “There is great potential to cooperate, co-develop and share knowledge in this field. Our network of Business Finland offices abroad together with embassies are happy to share and connect Finnish expertise with local stakeholders and networks. Cancer touches us all, is never out of date, not even during the current pandemic. It is highly topical internationally, for instance on the EU Horizon level there is a mission under preparation with a focus on conquering cancer, and this is something where Finland can play an important role.”

PDF-version of the booklet

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Terhi Rasmussen
Senior Advisor
Global Opportunity Team Leader – Health & Wellbeing
Business Finland
terhi.rasmussen (at)