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News 22.09.2020

Mitsubishi Corporation to co-operate with Finnish Groke Technologies

Photo: Groke Technologies

Mitsubishi Corporation has invested into a Finnish intelligent navigation technology startup Groke Technologies.

Groke Technologies together with Mitsubishi is currently trialling various technology options in Japan and Finland.

“Detection of all vessels and dangers around you is a challenging task on-board any vessel, therefore we are creating an awareness system that will monitor the surroundings along with the watchkeepers. Giving them peace of mind even in the most challenging environment”, states Iiro Lindborg, VP Customer solutions of Groke Technologies. 

Mitsubishi saw Groke Technologies in Finland as suitable partner due to the high level of technology development in the country, especially in the autonomous shipping field.

In addition to the autonomous shipping related technologies the company actively draws on the experience of strong cross industry competence in IT sector through collaboration with different digitalization and artificial intelligent development companies both in Finland and Japan, and also in other parts of the world. 

“The company is heavily cooperating with eco-system established in Finland and is fully aware of strong maritime industry in Japan and its strong potential in becoming the innovation leader of autonomous technologies. With strong collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation, we will deliver situation awareness technology and to implement the new technology to create safer, more comfortable and efficient working conditions onboard”, states Juha Rokka, CEO of Groke Technologies

With the aim to strengthen the ecosystem in both countries and creating new competences Groke Technologies is cooperating with Business Finland.

“We in Business Finland strongly believe that combination of the Finnish maritime know-how, digitalization and ICT technologies leads to innovations and strong international business. Groke Technologies with co-operation Mitsubishi Corporation is one of the best examples we have in Finland in innovative start-ups and in the autonomous shipping field”, states Esa Lindqvist from Business Finland.

Groke Technologies main location is in Turku but is present also in Tokyo and London UK.


The Company was established by four founders; (from left) Iiro Lindborg, Mervi Pitkänen, Juha Rokka and Marja-Liisa Laihonen

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