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News 30.11.2022

Business Finland and Nordic Health Lab enter partnership to accelerate sustainable Nordic healthcare

The aim of the partnership between Nordic Health Lab and Business Finland is to strengthen sustainable healthcare innovation across the Nordics. The partners will, among other things, facilitate Finnish health tech companies' access to the Danish public healthcare sector, which needs solutions from private actors.

The public healthcare sectors in Denmark - where Nordic Health Lab is based - and in Finland are facing similar challenges, and both countries have a strong lineup of startups and private companies with innovative solutions to solve them. By joining forces, Nordic Health Lab and Business Finland can accelerate the development of healthcare solutions in the Nordics.

Unique access to accelerating sustainable growth

One of the unique aspects of this partnership is that Nordic Health Lab can provide Finnish companies with the exact needs of the Danish healthcare system: "Nordic Health Lab's sustainable approach is to share our specialized knowledge about the needs of our partner hospitals and municipalities. This way, we can secure a sustainable match of the Finnish companies that have solutions for the exact needs of the Danish healthcare system. We believe that strong partnerships with focus on sustainability are crucial to solving some of the big challenges in the healthcare systems across the Nordics. That is why we look very much forward to collaborating with Business Finland and eventually also looking into bringing the Nordic Health Lab concept to Finland," says Jesper Juel-Helwig, CEO in Nordic Health Lab.

Creating valuable health solutions

Business Finland is excited to benefit from Nordic Health Lab's perspective on the Danish healthcare: "Finland and Denmark are among the world leading countries in innovation and in applying new technologies to everyday use. We believe that by bringing together the bright Nordic minds in close collaboration, attending to current and future challenges in healthcare, valuable solutions will arise. We are looking very much forward to collaborating on these challenges with our Danish partners," comments Terhi Rasmussen, Global Opportunity Leader for Health & Wellbeing in Business Finland.

The collaboration includes

The partnership will introduce new sustainable healthcare solutions, host activities such as webinars and events, and share knowledge between Nordic Health Lab and Business Finland to accelerate the growth of startups with the aim of improving healthcare in the Nordics. Moreover, Finnish companies with the right innovative solution can get the chance to join Nordic Health Lab's development track and pitch their solutions to the Danish healthcare system.

About Nordic Health Lab

Nordic Health Lab is a Danish nonprofit organization with the purpose of building bridges between the public healthcare system and private actors by matching the needs of the public sector with solutions from private companies. Nordic Health Lab then facilitates tests at partner hospitals and municipalities with the aim of implementing the solutions to benefit patients, clinicians and eventually the whole society.

Read more about Nordic Health Lab.

Save the date

First collaborative webinar with Nordic Health Lab will be organized on 23 January 2023. More information will be published on the event page.

Further information

This partnership is part of Business Finland's Smart Life Finland program.

Terhi Rasmussen
Global Opportunity Leader, Health & Wellbeing
terhi.rasmussen (at)