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News 24.05.2022

World-class agetech innovations from Finland – Now available

In the next decade the share of the ageing population is increasing rapidly all over the world. Therefore, Business Finland has now published a digital brochure to present Finnish strengths in the field of AgeTech.

Finland is a pioneer in telecom, digital services and health technology, which, together with a history of public-private partnership, provide a fruitful ground for innovations in agetech.  In order to display the truly innovative Finnish solutions supporting the ageing population, Business Finland has collected an extensive brochure highlighting the Finnish strengths.

In the World-class agetech innovations from Finland brochure, Agetech has been defined as digitally assisted technologies, solutions, products or services that are aimed at and designed to improve the lives or care of the ageing population. The target group can be the individual, homecare providers or operators of assisted living facilities.

The cutting edge agetech solutions introduced in the brochure have been divided into three categories. The first category contains companies offering solutions for active ageing, the second focuses on solutions for homecare environments, and the last category is centered around companies offering solutions for assisted living environments.

"Agetech is an important segment in the health technology space and Business Finland is very excited and proud to present to the world the Finnish offering now available to address these markets globally. We encourage all readers to contact these companies to find out more on their product and services," says Kari Klossner, Head of Smart Life Finland Program from Business Finland.

World-class agetech innovations from Finland

This brochure is prepared by Business Finland. Interested in being featured in the next edition? Please contact Noora Pietilä.

For Finnish companies looking for business opportunities in the field of health & wellbeing, please visit Market Opportunities service.

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Meria Heikelä
Director, Health & Wellbeing
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Noora Pietilä
Project Coordinator
RRF Health & Wellbeing
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