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News 27.04.2023

Business Finland’s new sustainability policy outlines our commitments

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Business Finland's sustainability policy guides all our operations.

Business Finland’s new Sustainability policy outlines our ambition and commitment to promote sustainability and ensure responsible business operations. We have adopted the holistic approach for sustainability that considers the interlinked aspects of environmental, social, and economic sustainability cross-cuttingly both in our customer-facing and internal activities.

The objective of the policy is to explain Business Finland's strategic approach and role in advancing sustainability and describe the scope of sustainability operations. The policy outlines definitions and key principles of sustainability at Business Finland as well as our commitments to sustainability in all our operations. 

We have summarized our commitments into three principles that apply to all employees and guide operations to implement strategy in practice:

  1. We ensure responsible business operations
  2. We consider environmental impacts
  3. We promote human rights, equality, and wellbeing

Business Finland is committed to continuously reviewing and revising the Sustainability Policy as well as related policies, guidelines, and procedures according to stakeholder cooperation and changing operational environment due to international and national legislation and standards and socio-political changes. 

The policy was approved by the Leadership team in February 2023. The document has been prepared in close collaboration with Business Finland's employees, Leadership team, as well as with sustainability experts, private sector delegates, and strategic partners.

Business Finland's Sustainability policy (pdf)