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News 15.06.2023

New program to develop global hydrogen and battery value chains and growth business – Hydrogen & Batteries

Business Finland has launched a program for the hydrogen and battery industry. The Hydrogen & Batteries – Dual Helix of Decarbonization program will promote the development and international growth of Finland's hydrogen and battery industry value chains, technologies, solutions and services.

– Hydrogen and batteries play a key role in reducing carbon emissions in the transport, energy and process industries. The requirements of the green transition present these industries with a major challenge, but also an unprecedented opportunity in the short and long term to innovate and build new sustainable, international growth businesses. Finland's position and reputation are good, but we need to be fast and agile to get and stay ahead of the global competition, says Ilkka Homanen, Director of Hydrogen & Batteries.

The program will run for six years, ending in 2028, with significant resources allocated to the adviser team, the operational budget and research and development funding. The objectives and contributions are divided as follows:

  • Supporting innovation and ecosystems
  • Increasing exports and attracting investment
  • Development of business environment and conditions
  • Securing skills for the sector

A market of up to EUR 100 billion for Finland

The program aims to achieve significant commercial results for both the hydrogen and battery industries through strong synergies. Investment projects in Finland will result in significant business opportunities, creating wealth, new jobs and tax revenues. According to a Boston Consulting Group report (Finland's Moonshots for Green Growth), the potential for green exports in Finland is EUR 85-100 billion by 2035. The hydrogen and battery industry plays a major role in this.

Hydrogen & Batteries implements Business Finland's Zero Carbon Future mission, which aims to have a broad impact on the global shift towards reducing carbon emissions and thus increase Finland's carbon handprint internationally.

Visit the Hydrogen & Batteries program website

Further information

Ilkka Homanen
Head of Hydrogen & Batteries program
Business Finland
ilkka.homanen (at)
+358 44 5774 430