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Low carbon solutions for the built environment

The export program focuses on decarbonizing the built environment throughout the life cycle, from planning to maintenance.

About program

For Finnish companies, the program offers go-to-market activities in selected target markets and events, such as business matchings, brand creation events, ministry delegations, and market study webinars. The program launches funding calls to promote technologies, services and operating models that mitigate climate change and support decarbonizing of the built environment whilst increasing productivity. Read more about Business Finland funding and program's innovation funding call. 

For global audience, the program offers knowledge about Finnish innovations and proven solutions that can help in reaching the ambitious climate targets and as a result create competitive edge.

The program collaborates with other programs and Team Finland.

Focus areas of low carbon built environment

Finland is leading the way to a Zero carbon future by boosting new innovations and long-term business opportunities globally. Since the built environment's emissions are massive, producing more sustainable solutions is vital to reach the global emission targets and limit global warming to 1,5 °C degrees. Finland has expertise and solutions for the whole life cycle of building.

  • Energy efficient solutions and optimization of energy use
  • Low Carbon Building Materials
  • Digital design, construction and operation processes
  • Data and tools for managing both the built environment lifecycle and smooth everyday life

Target markets

At this point the target markets of the program are Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, USA, France, Germany, and Spain. The outcomes of the evaluations will be introduced during 2H in the webinars and other events.

The go to market activities will start in 2H in 2022.

Contact us

Head of program

Kari Laine

+358 504449151
Project coordinator

Sinianna Kuosmanen