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Call 23.8.2021-14.4.2023

Low carbon built environment: Innovation funding call

The funding call applies to the built environment and construction, including design, planning, permit processes, construction, the design and manufacture of building products, the built heritage, building systems, property maintenance, the real estate business and building management, connections to the infrastructure and energy efficiency, and service providers.

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If you need further information on the call, please contact our customer service and leave a message with identifier: RRF – Low carbon built environment


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Call has ended!

See full call text (pdf)

The goal is to boost the deployment of technologies, services and operating models that combat climate change and support low carbon practices in the construction sector, change operating methods, and increase productivity.

Buildings, building products and construction constitute a significant sector in responding to questions related to climate change mitigation, low carbon practices, and the circular economy. Projects may be associated with energy efficiency, climate and environmental solutions, new energy solutions or the low carbon built environment, and related digital solutions. Responding to challenges calls for cross-sector expertise and networks between different parties.

The funding call is connected to the Sustainable Growth Program for Finland, which is part of the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). RRF funding promotes structural renewal in business and industry and the creation of a competitive edge based on Finnish companies’ sustainable solutions.

The aim is to accelerate the introduction of technologies, services and operational models that combat climate change and support low-carbon development in the construction sector, as well as to change practices and increase productivity. Projects may be related to energy efficiency, climate and environmental solutions, new energy solutions or a low-carbon built environment and related digital solutions. Responding to the challenges requires cross-sectoral expertise and networking between different parties.

In addition, the funding call concerns the introduction low-carbon and circular economy solutions for industry, the digital renewal of industries as well as the increase of industrial service exports while also taking groundbreaking and new technologies into account.

The financed projects must involve significant development and modernization of companies’ low-carbon and/or circular economy solutions or service business models. Funding for low-carbon circular economy, digitalization and service development in industry can be allocated to independent research projects carried out by companies or to Co-innovation projects together with research organizations.

Projects may include:

  • the development of industrial low-carbon services and service business models, such as products as a service (PaaS)
  •  the utilization of industrial digital renewal and data economy in areas such as low-carbon value chains
  •  the capture, storage, and re-use of carbon dioxide produced in industrial processes.

For which projects can funding be applied?

In the funding call for a low carbon built environment, Business Finland provides funding for new creative research through aid. The aid is intended for independent research projects of companies or co-innovation projects conducted with research organizations. Municipalities and other public procurement units can apply for support for innovative public procurement.

Projects funded through aid:

  • create new competence and information for companies and partnership networks
  • take greater risks than normal and, if successful, involve a high market potential
  • often require more development afterwards to commercialize the results

How to apply for funding?

Basic applicant and application information is completed in Business Finland's online service.

  • Select the funding service.
    • Companies: “Research, development and piloting” or “Co-Innovation”
    • Research organizations: “Co-Innovation”
    • Public service providers: “Innovative public procurement”
  • Under “Programs and other connections”, select “RRF – Finland’s Sustainable Growth Programme” for your application and then the “RRF – Low carbon built environment” identifier in the menu.
  • Respond to the questions related to environmental impact. Every project provided with RRF funding must fulfill the “Do No Significant Harm (DNSH)” requirements. The EU RRF requires that no measures do any significant harm to the environment.

Funding schedule

According to the preliminary plan, a total of EUR 32 million of funding will be granted in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Business Finland will make funding decisions following normal selection criteria. Applications must be submitted by 31st October 2022 for funding granted in 2022.

Projects provided with RRF funding must be completed no later than December 2025.

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