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Missions change the world

Missions are a new approach for Business Finland. Business Finland's missions accelerate systemic change and help solve major global challenges. Our missions aim to create value for society on a broad scale and identify significant future market opportunities for Finnish companies.



Business Finland launched two missions in the summer of 2023: Diginative Finland and Carbon-neutral future. Three new missions will start in autumn 2023: Circular Transition for Zero Waste, Healthcare reimagined 2035 and Immersive Digital Life. 

The topics that Business Finland's missions deal with are selected from sectors that are experiencing global changes.This way, missions also provide significant future market opportunities for Finnish companies. The goal of the mission-based approach is to provide Finnish companies with more opportunities to take advantage of future market opportunities.

In practice, missions combine long-term strategic forecasting with assisting companies here and now. In the future, missions will play a strong role in Business Finland's programs, including those that have already started and those that will be started in the future.

The goal of the Digital Native Finland mission is to accelerate digital transformation and create a global competitive advantage for Finnish companies. By increasing digital capabilities, we can increase sustainable customer value and raise the productivity of companies to the next level. Investing in the connectivity and data economy of the future together with the development of software expertise will provide our export companies with a competitive advantage and attract foreign investments.

The goal of the Circular transition for Zero Waste mission is to support Finnish companies in their transition for circular economy and for zero waste in order to increase competitiveness and sustainable growth. We facilitate Finnish circular business models and solutions to be adopted and scaled globally and also circular economy investments to Finland. We are supporting ways to enhance resource productivity and circular material use rate, to create new added value for the economy, and ways to eliminate waste. 

Programs and campaigns

Our programs include Business Finland's internationalization and innovation funding services that are tailored to the goals and target groups of each program. The primary focus of the programs is on networks that provide peer learning and collective strength to players facing the same challenges. The current programs promote the goals of the Digital Native Finland and Zero Carbon Future missions.

What next?

Digital Native Finland

6G Bridge: The goal of Business Finland's 6G Bridge program, which focuses on telecommunications, is to make Finland a global leader in 5G Advanced and 6G technologies, and to create new added value in a sustainable manner for both industry and society. The program encourages both the research community and companies to increase national and international cooperation in order to achieve common goals. The 6G Bridge program started on February 2023.

Data Economy: Business Finland's extensive program related to the data economy seeks sustainable competitiveness through added efficiency as well as international growth and new business operations in a data-driven manner, for example. The Data Economy program started on February 2023.

Quantum Computing: Business Finland's two-year campaign focuses on quantum technologies, quantum computing, and particularly its application and system software, algorithms, and hybrid computing. The Quantum Computing campaign was launched on December 2022 with the following goals:

  • Activate application development companies and develop their ability to solve their business problems through quantum computing.
  • Accelerate the development and introduction of software stacks and the creation of related services in Finland
  • The growing and internationally recognized Finnish quantum ecosystem can attract investments and expertise to Finland in the face of fierce competition.

A zero carbon future

Decarbonized Cities. Business Finland is preparing a new program under the working title "Decarbonized Cities". The goal is to increase, strengthen, and promote the Finnish offering and competence in cross-sectoral solutions to current and future urban carbon neutrality challenges, especially in the energy/construction sector and in the transport/mobility sector. The focus is on growing global markets. Finnish cities can act as pioneers in carbon-neutral urban solutions by demonstrating and piloting globally competitive and export-ready solutions.

Global Innovation Packaging Campaign: The Bio&Circular Finland program, which comes to an end at the end of 2022, promotes the emergence of innovative packaging solutions, strengthens the internationalization capabilities of companies, and establishes contacts with end customers who want sustainable packaging solutions in the target market. The campaign aims to accelerate the export of innovative packaging solutions to the selected target market.

Hydrogen and power-to-X: Business Finland is preparing a new program under the working title "Hydrogen and power-to-X". The aim of the program is to grow, strengthen, and promote the hydrogen economy offered by the Finnish cross-industry sector. Linking research to companies' strategic priorities to scale up to the rapidly growing global market. Finnish companies can act as pioneers by developing, demonstrating, and piloting globally competitive and export-ready solutions. We pay attention to the creation of a vibrant value chain in Finland, including further conversions to e-fuels, e-chemicals, synthetic proteins, and synthetic materials. The aim is to promote the emergence of a new strong export system.

Critical Minerals: Critical ores and minerals are a prerequisite for the electrification of society. We look at three entities: sustainable mining and processing, circular economy solutions, and new materials that replace critical earth metals, for example.

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