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Increasing Finland’s consumer sector companies’ exports

The Experience Commerce Finland program (2019-2023) enhanced the international growth of companies selling their products and services direct to consumers (D2C). The goal was to increase the ability of companies to meet the expectations of digital age customers for individual and seamless customer experience.

About program

Consumer business is disrupted. Customers make choices globally and the growing majority of them expect personalized, comprehensive experience from companies and brands. Channels blend. Intelligent technologies enable companies to reach customers real-time, gather data that are more accurate and build a personalized, inspirational customer experience.

Finnish companies have high-quality products and services that are in line with the values of sustainable development and have global demand. We challenge companies to seize the opportunity, because Finnish exports need a more versatile structure to smooth out the economic fluctuations.

Experience Commerce Finland program helped companies take advantage of opportunities arising from changes in consumer behavior and values, on the one hand, and the intelligent technologies enhancing the sales process and improving purchasing experience, on the other hand.

With our funding and services, companies can renew their business models and develop attractive brands and future commerce technologies. The program was part of Business Finland's Consumer Business focus area, which has been established for the need to diversify Finland's export structure.

Target groups

The target groups of the program were retail companies, brand owners, technology companies (data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, etc.), companies in logistics, payment and security solutions, and research institutes.


The four-year program served a diverse range companies in various growth phases. The program accelerated concrete development projects, which were supported by Business Finland funding. The projects could be both small and fast acting and long-term, research-based ecosystem projects.

How do I get involved?

Business Finland's customers include all companies with the ability, willingness and resources to invest in international growth. There is no separate entrance fee. Some of the program's activities were open to everyone, some was tailored to selected business groups and included an entry fee.

Intersectoral research and ecosystems in the area of future commerce. 2019-2023, Business Finland will finance the innovation projects of this program for a total of EUR 40 million. 

Contact us

Head of Experience Commerce Finland

Aija Kalander

+358 40 555 1637
Program Director

Aki Parviainen

+358 050 351 1354
Event coordination

Paula Paassilta-Weman