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Call 20.1.2020

EUREKA call for proposals with Chile, France and Spain

Business Finland and the funding agencies CORFO, BPI FRANCE and CDTI will fund companies in joint projects. 2 participants is enough, eg. one from Chile, one from Finland, but also more are welcome.

The call is implemented as a two-stage call where the deadline for Project Outlines (Stage 1) is 20 January 2020.


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Tom Warras
+358 50 5577 839
tom.warras (at)

Call has ended!

The joint call announced by Business Finland and the Chilean, French and Spanish funding agencies has the aim of developing innovative products and applications in all technological and market areas. Applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects that have strong market potential for the countries mentioned above. For Finland, we encourage to collaborate with Chile in the digitalization of the domains mentioned.

The call invites projects with a focus on Sustainability and Climate Change in the following domains:

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Manufacturing and Energy Supply.
  • Mining Industry
  • Responsible Production and Consumption
  • Climate Action
  • Life below Water
  • Life on Land

EUREKA is a collaboration model where companies from a number of countries can propose their innovation projects (bottom-up) and get support from their national funding agencies with national procedures. In the 1st stage the consortium submits a Project Outline.

Timeline and steps of the 2-stage call

This is a 2-stage call, and stage 1 is the Project Outline Stage (PO). The deadline for the PO stage is 20 Jan 2020, and the partners will submit one joint project proposal using the proposal form.

The Project Outline proposals are evaluated by the funding agencies involved. Business Finland participates when partners from Finland are involved. Business Finland evaluates individually the shares of the Finnish partners, to the extent it is possible in the PO stage. Similarly, CORFO, BPI France and CDTI will evaluate their national applications, and all the agencies will come to a joint appraisal of the Project Outline proposals.

The Project Outline evaluation will be ready by 14 Feb 2020. If the PO evaluation is favourable, the consortium will be advised to submit their national applications. Finnish organisations will be advised by Business Finland as to when to submit the national BF application, which will probably be in early 2020 (Q1).

The funding decisions from Business Finland will be granted to each partner during the spring term of 2020.

Funding criteria

The project consortium will get its funding from national innovation agencies, for Finland from Business Finland. The funding decisions and the project contracts are made with national criteria.

Requirements to the individual Finnish company

Economical capacity

  • Growth ambition and plans to do international business
  • Ability to utilise results and network in export business
  • Role in the consortium (role related to its foreign partners)

Requirements to the national consortium; typically there is one Finnish company involved, but a group of Finnish organisations is possible which means they are all partners.

  • Benefits and depth of the international cooperation
  • Expected impact to the SME and Midcap companies from Finland compared to price of the project
  • Ecosystem building

In Finland, the funding is a grant or a soft loan. Business Finland will discuss each organisation’s positions individually, once the PO evaluation is ready, timeline spring 2020.

We recommend participating in a Project Outline Proposal, when your own objective for the Chilean (or French, or Spanish, or all) cooperation is clear, and when you see how this objective can be formed to a project for you own resources.

The application form can be found here

Enterprise Europe Network can help with search for international partners for joint projects.
Contact person: Hannele Halmetoja, hannele.halmetoja (at)