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Call 2.9.-4.11.2021

Eurostars call for joint projects of SMEs

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Tom Warras
Eureka-Eurostars Project Coordinator
tom.warras (at)
+358 50 5577 839

Call has ended!

The EU's new programming period has begun, and a renewed Eurostars is opening its first grant application process.

The renewed Eurostars program offers faster funding decisions, a new search portal and one important expansion: the innovation requirements for applicant companies have been made more flexible.

Eurostars funding is available to Business Finland's client organizations, as long as innovative SMEs have the largest role in the consortiums in terms of project cost estimates. Any Eurostars project has at least two participants. For example, there could be one SME from two different Eurostars countries. Consortiums can also include large companies, research institutions or universities.

Eurostars projects are clear product development projects and suitable for Finnish SMEs looking to internationalize. The financing covers 50% of costs.

Business Finland encourages SMEs to look for partner companies in their own target market and to plan their research and development projects jointly with them. The application period ends 4.11.2021.

  • Find out more on the program's European site
  • The pages relevant to Finnish participants can be found here.  
  • Find your partners in Eurostars countries and agree on a joint venture.
  • It is recommended that each participant contact their own country's Eurostars co-ordinator. This will allow you to receive instructions and check on the project's eligibility for funding in advance.
  • The levels of funding used in Finland can be found on the Funding tab and the Eligibility tab.
  • The consortium will create a rough project plan, and one company will be named as the primary applicant.
  • The primary applicant will fill out the Eurostars application, and the other applicants will participate where applicable in the electronic portal.  /Applying button

Eurostars applications will undergo a European evaluation process. During the early stages of the evaluation process, Business Finland will provide a statement on Finnish applicants' eligibility for funding.

The evaluation will be completed in February 2022. Business Finland will make an official funding decision for Finnish stakeholders of projects that have been successful during the application process. Other countries will follow a similar process. The project can be launched when the participants have been granted funding in their own countries. Business Finland's usual terms and conditions for grant funding apply here as well, and reports on the project will be submitted every six months.

Thousands of European SMEs have already received support from the Eurostars program for product and service development over the last 13 months. The program is funded by the EU and 36 Eurostars countries. There are several Eurostars countries outside of the EU as well, such as Turkey and Canada.